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Unmasking a problem is what I usually do on new construction inspections.  Well, it's more like unmasking problems. It was the usual rigmarole.  A couple of hours before the inspection I was asked to send all kinds of licensing and insurance criteria the builder did not think I would have.  Well,...
There is nothing more fun than a little contest!  So, guess what this is? First of all we need to identify what it isn't. 1.  That is not a dryer discharge opening.  Since there is no dryer, and two of the flaps are not there, it is obviously a hole in the wall to let the snakes, mice, assorted a...
Reading this blog post by AR, I was immediately impressed.  This is a way to help us all! I am all about increasing my efficiency. Some months ago, I was having a problem when needing to deal with people having questions about a report, or a circumstance that I identified on a report. My problem?...
One of my pet peeves is when drywall screws are used for things that are not drywall and screwed up. I have had many posts in the past, and using drywall screws in an incorrect way is not only commonly done, but simply bad work and unprofessional. I AM ESPECIALLY BOTHERED WHEN DRYWALL SCREWS ARE ...
Just pulling up to this house I could see there was a problem with the driveway. There was a sink hole about 6" deep! The rest of the driveway was in good condition. And only 15 years old. What can cause a driveway to settle 6" in only fifteen years? And only in one spot? Well, certainly the driv...
People call me to evaluate many things.  Arriving at the house, an older home, I did a little interview to see what it is that they were trying to describe over the phone. After the "interview," I always go to the complaint area first.  This was in the basement.  From there I knew where the prob...
Some doors are a pain.  As a masochist, I like a double pane. There are times I can look at a door and see its painful problem(s) from far away. This one is no different. Just walking by I could see that the handle is missing.  That would mean that the lock probably doesn't work either. It didn'...
"The idea that even the  brightest person or group of bright people, much less the U.S. Congress, can wisely manage an economy has to be the height of arrogance and conceit." Walter E. Williams Can I start with this?  AN ECONOMY CAN'T BE MANAGED. Dr. Williams knows that!  Any economist knows that...
You know the drill.  Flipped house, new and upgraded everything, beautiful work...  And then it happened.  Moving a gas range sparked an idea. I always pull out a range, gas or electric, to see what was done behind. It's smart because often times some things are not done properly and I want to se...
Wiring an outdoor shed and making sure it's safe is something most homeowners should not try to undertake. Whenever I go into an outdoor shed and see that there is wiring, I am careful to examine what they have done and make sure that how the power gets to the shed is done properly and safely. Th...

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