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"I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means.  I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it." Benjamin Franklin (1705 - 1790) Those sound like the words of an adult.  They are the words of a lea...
Every now and then I run into something I have never seen before, like a floating foundation! Brick facade house, nice addition on the side, masonry block foundation connected to the main house with a right angle.  Plenty of crawl space vents. So far so good. But when I got into the house, and lo...
Well, it's spring and that means, please sing along, 'tis the season, for poison ivy. Poison ivy, the bane of every Boy Scoutmaster and scout camp in history! It's easily identified.  Just three leaves.  Then there are the sayings, "Leaves of three, leave it be..." Well, not so fast!  There are a...
Ponding on the EPDM roof. Often over flat roofs we see what looks to be a black rubber surface.  That is a synthetic rubber, produced by the Firestone Corporation, called EPDM.  The acronym means Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer - an (M-class) rubber. This material comes in two thicknesses - a 60...
One of the folkloric sayings I studied in the Folklore class I took at the University of Virginia was the old idiom:  "Good fences make good neighbors."  May I add, and this fence rocks! Fences, and forms thereof, have been the source of many things - property rights definition, containment, bord...
"It should be noted that people in the free market rarely bare false witness; integrity is the rule.  The morning milk, phone calls, planes the airlines buy, autos by the millions - no one could list the instances - are as represented.  We have daily, eloquent, enormous testimony that the Ten Com...
I know it sounds alliterative, but on a home inspection one of the tests I do is tipping the toilet. It is important that a toilet be secured properly to the floor and that the tank secured to the bowl. Especially important, when I see new flooring, I want to know if the flange, which seats and a...
For some reason, when I took solid geometry in school, one day the formulas for figuring out the area of an object just clicked. And it has helped me!  When doing energy audits, one of the things I have to do is figure out the area of all the rooms so I can calculate the area of the house needing...
Friends! Billy Jays here! I am so happy to be with you today to introduce our newest product, truly the salvation of slow drains everywhere! How many times have you had the gang in the basement to watch an important sports event, and while you're all standing around the wet bar you turn on the si...
Electrical cable installations and their connections come with rules.  One of the rules is that even one lonely cable needs protection. How are they protected?  They are made less vulnerable to being pulled or caught on, damaged or cut by being secured with such things as staples and plastic cond...

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