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Settlement caused this couple to separate.  And, unfortunately I see it all the time. You'd think they'd get together and stay together, but no.  A little pressure, a little tension and boom, separation. Do you see it? You'd think this couple would be able to take a little more pressure, a little...
"Unfortunately, it is not in the power of government to make everyone more prosperous.  Government can only raise the income of one person by taking from another." Hans F. Sennholz (1922 - 2007) Austrian-school economist Hans Sennholz understood that gubment has a lot of power.  But, as an econom...
Sometimes it's very hard for a home inspector to determine when chimneys need work and have serious problems, and sometimes it's not! This is looking up and inside a basic, wood-burning chimney flue. There is serious movement. There is serious cracking. There is serious shifting. There is serious...
How about a multi-tasking plumbing clean out?  It's always good to see two things knocked out with one throw of a stone!  If your drain should clog between the house and the street, in older homes there is a port on the main drain stack that a plumber can screw off to send down a snake to dislodg...

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