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I have been busy for a while.  I have not been as busy the past few years as I was during the "depression," which wasn't a depression, a few years ago!  But I am busy. However, it is spring and spring usually means more people will be moving. So what did I do? I put together some postcards, that ...
We've heard this story before - a year and a half of contractors, and 15 minutes with a thermal camera. This was a contact through ActiveRain!  And it was a story I have heard before. Roofers came and determined that moisture in the living room ceiling (two floors below) was roof related.  And th...
When on a home inspection the group goes to the upper level, and when looking around notice a serious bulge in the ceiling drywall, well, upstairs ceilings can bulge for a reason, or many, many reasons!  Some things surprise even a seasoned home inspector, to whom, people will say, "Gee, you have...
Often I go into older farm houses to feel a bouncy floor but seldom see one held up by a wing, and a prayer, and a barrel! It's not uncommon to go into a an old cellar or crawl space and see beams that have been seamed together with a nail or two.  And it has been like that for who knows how long...
So, let's play "Where's Waldo!"  Can you find the repair? It's not often that you can have fun like this.  The repair could be anywhere.  Waldo is such fun to find.  Those books kept my kids quiet in church for the entire time!  He sure is good at hiding!  So, look carefully for the repair, any r...
New window installation is a very common home improvement, and when you install new windows it's important to caulk them well. At least I think so. The feature list on the house proudly proclaimed that it had efficient, new windows recently installed.  To me that is always a great feature. So ima...
"Business is society's change agent." Peter Drucker (1909 - 2005) Peter Drucker is one of the most read, followed, best known and influential thinkers and writers on the subject of management practices and theories. Anyone who has had any class at all in management theory or science has studied D...
I got a call from a disturbed Realtor not long ago saying he had had an inspection on a listing and thought there might be things a home inspector should never say on a report. His call was asking if these things were appropriate and what could be done about them.  "What things?", I asked.  This ...
If I can, I like to look behind and under things, especially on a flipped house!  And what I saw this time surprised even me - a wall oven and a range can't share the same circuit, even on a flip!  Yes, some Flippers try to get away with stuff.  But when it's dangerous and so very wrong a client ...
Any of us who is lucky enough can qualify for free rodent control BEFORE the house becomes infested. It isn't anything you can sign up for.  But it sure is effective. Meet Hazard the Hawk. Hazard is a fine, 15" specimen of Golden-tailed Hawks. He resides in a wooded area where the back yards of f...

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