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I didn't even get to set the radon device because, well, that's right, an AR Ambassador owes me big. THE REALTOR knew I would call following my first inspection to meet her at this house to drop off a radon.  That way we would meet at the same time.  Calling THE REALTOR she didn't answer but I le...
Surely, when connections should always be strong and tight, with electricity, close doesn't count.  I have always heard the cliche that close only counts playing horseshoes, throwing hand grenades, dancing and nuclear war.  BUT NOT WITH ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS! Notice the lone wire in the center o...
"Money is not an invention of the state.  It is not the product of a legislative act." Carl Menger (1840 - 1921)Founder of the Austrian School of Economics What is money?  We all know that the classic definition of money is something used as a medium of exchange, such as coin and paper. But those...
We all know that electrical stress manifests itself as heat. With a thermal camera many times electrical or mechanical damage can be predicted by finding something to be unusually hot.  Thermal cameras are excellent predictors! A fun definition of stress says that it is the confusion created when...
Roof venting is essential.  It moves heat and moisture out.  Ideally as much air as goes in can come out.  Flow. Ventilation can take many forms - a passive system like the one pictured to the left. That is a soffit and ridge venting system, and very effective. It is pure physics.  Air is attract...
The listing information said brand new water heater, and the serial number confirmed that.  The water heater had something much, much more to say however. So, what about this scorch? This is the lower panel of two on a 50 gallon electric water heater. Electric water heaters have typically have tw...
This show doesn't come on as infomercials late at night, but let's call it Homeowner Electrical Wiring Gone Wild! It starts with a completely remodeled home - new kitchen, new bathrooms, bedrooms redone and beautiful. There was a new roof and siding as well! Completely remodeled. The kids even ha...
"If we cannot return to fiscal integrity because the public prefers profusion and prodigality over balanced budgets, we cannot escape paying the price, which is ever lower incomes and standards of living for all." Hans Sennholz (1922-2007) The hard-to-understand, but perfect, word prodigality is ...
I have a line on my inspection report that says:  " An 'unseen dangers' specialist should be able to find unseen dangers in this property.  However, the author of this report was not retained to do so and issues no opinion on these unseen dangers.' " Yes, it's vague.  Yes, it's CYA.  It was sugge...
So, tell me your opinion - is this an important or minor point?  On this pre-drywall inspection I noticed something from the garage that I don't see a lot and not many would notice at all. When it was pointed out to the supervisor by my clients he said that it was something he had not noticed and...

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