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Sometimes I am met at the door by the listing agent, who has the only key, and when the Realtor says, "You won't find anything here," I cringe.  Those are famous last words. Walking into the newly-remodeled kitchen I noticed that they had the laundry appliances in the utility closet. There was no...
Setting up the inspection, a one-year warranty inspection, my client explained that some lights had been installed in the master bedroom and, "since they did this, our room was cold last winter and hot this summer." On the final inspection last year I learned that some lights in the master bedroo...
"Wherever there's cheese, work there." Armenian Proverb Probably sound advice! Why? In a free-market sense, in a free-enterprise sense, it takes a whole lot of market organization and activity to produce cheese! Cheese is universally produced and eaten. It is imported by virtually every country i...
On every home inspection I look carefully at the electric meter legal seal.  The electric meter belongs to the electric company.  Only they have the right to go inside.  To dissuade others from entering the meter box the company will attach a legal seal.  It's not big and strong.  But it's there....
When finally the builder reveals your new home, he should be proud to show that it's the finish work that makes a new home sparkle. These photos all come from the same condo.  This is not a cheap condo!  In my opinion it is very expensive - think somewhere between $500K and $1M. It is my opinion ...
You know what's coming, so, come with me up on the roof - and sing with me now! When this old world starts a getting me downAnd people are just too much for me to face --I'll climb way up to the top of the stairsAnd all my cares just drift right into space. Written by Carole King, "Up On the Roof...
As a home inspector I get the question all the time about appliances - we'll be looking at the dryer or water heater and they will ask, "So, which is cheaper, gas or electric?" There are many places and sites that you can go to in this investigation.  And it depends on where you live!  Electricit...
I know, it's the age-old question:  can fiberglass insulation burn? Not really, but there is a caution!  There are many kinds of chimney vents - masonry and metal.  One particular type is called a "Type B vent."  A Type B vent utilizes two different tubes - an interior tube which carries the heat...
"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) It might be unusual to quote a committed socialist like Mr. Shaw in a free enterprise blog, but he did finally come to this realization later in life. His life was spent writing n...
Rain gutters on the side of the roof are reservoirs and the gutters are there to capture the water.  When water is spilling over the outside, or running down behind there is a problem!  Water not getting to the downspout means the gutter is clogged, or it has pulled away from the house, or the ro...

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