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The Realtor called me many times after the final new-construction inspection that began with this roof, this time saying that the supervisor told them, "Your inspector pushed down the insulation just to take a photo of it." Yeah, right. Do you see how erratic and fluffy that is? Does it look smas...
HVAC systems in the attic can control the AC condensate many ways. Best Practice is to have the system sit on a drip pan.  There would be a primary condensate line.  But if it clogs there is a drip pan underneath to capture water.  That pan can control any excess water two ways.   One is a float ...
Doing an inspection on a house with a very high radon result, I surmised that ducts under the slab present possibly an insurmountable radon problem. And why wouldn't they? The radon result on a recent home inspected was very high.  The ducts under the slab ranged from 8" to 24" deep. Further, the...
My day started with a very early inspection, after which nothing was scheduled, so I grabbed my daughter and we took a drive on Skyline Drive.  Near us the Skyline Drive meanders 105 miles along the top of the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains, and along the Appalachian Trail.  It is a slow drive, wi...
      "The great blessing of private property, then, is that people can benefit from their own industry and insulate themselves from the negative effects of others' actions.  It is like a set of invisible mirrors that surround individuals, households, or firms, reflecting back on them the consequ...
I love going into a pre-drywall inspection and find things that are excellently done - like, for instance, steel beams with a great butt. What, you say?  Steel beams have a butt?  Yes, when they are butted one up against another! This is a large house, with two steel beams holding up the main lev...
Doing a new construction inspection, with a flat, front-porch EPDM roof, it's hard to do, but I found every mistake possible on one brand-new roof. For the client, to say it was disappointing would not begin to approach their true feelings.  This house provided me 8.5 pages of notes, and I write ...
Likely for the first time in family history, I got together with my son to have three generations watch the Redskins game. How fun is that!  It's possible that my brother and I watched a game on TV some four decades ago with my mother and grandmother, but I don't remember doing it and I doubt it ...
"And so, in one case," said he, "I once got a flogging for not deciding correctly.  The case was like this:  a big boy with a little tunic, finding a little boy with a big tunic on, took it off him and put his own tunic on him, while he himself put on the other larger one.  So, when I tried their...
It's supposed to rain today, hard.  I will proabably get some calls. Why do I say that?  Because (my fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Summers would be upset that I used "because" as the first word in a sentence), um, because I am not only a home inspector, I have a thermal camera! Not many in my area do...

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