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"American bureaucrats are no better than those of any other nationality when it comes to making socialism work.  It can't be done." Paul L. Poirot (1915-2006)   Not yet anyway!   And why not?  Is Dr. Poirot's statement that "it can't be done" correct? Why would he make such a blanket statement? ...
Just looking at it you can see this gutter has been a problem for a long time. The mossy stain along the base of the brick wall and on the ground is indicator enough. But even with brick such a gutter clog and leak can be a problem that comes inside. Obviously a shady spot, the cedar shakes are m...
Urban legends to get around - how about radon in granite counter tops? They are out there - lurking - the urban legends, and they are rife!  Just yesterday the Realtor asked me if I am finding a lot of radon in granite counter tops.  I said that no, that's an urban legend and it doesn't seem to w...
I love seeing smart remodeling, but in this house the "New laundry space in the furnace room!" added unintended problems. Another feature was added to the list:  "New washer and dryer!" The laundry room on the upstairs bedroom level was closed off and the space was used to add to the master bathr...
When I saw it I could only say, wow, a house that's solid and smart, and my inspection found no flaws. The MLS could read, "Move in ready!  Turn key living!  Well insulated split level with two master bedroom suites.  Large enough for the whole family, and plenty left over when you become empty n...
Before my client arrived, I was looking around, and wanting to show him where the water main was, the hose bib shut-off valves, and where the hose bib service tubing exited the house I thought, "Good think the hose bib had been winterized!" I was not surprised to see the valve turned off. It shou...
     "Falling prices through increased production is a wonderful long-run tendency of untrammeled capitalism."  Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995)   Untrammeled seems like a wonderful word to use here!  Understanding it as used in this context, but not familiar with the definition, I looked it up.   ...
So, think about the Yule Log tradition - is it your rule to hook up a mule to drag in the Yule Log? We've mostly all heard of the Yule Log tradition.  But what is the tradition of the Yule Log anyway? It's a tradition probably extending back before medieval times, and said to be Norse. In Scandin...
Not understanding this and being frank, I call this an architectural flaw - and poor roof design. We have: 1.  Lots of square feet of roofing surface.2.  A steep roof on both sides of a long valley.3.  The valley directs that water right at the house.4.  There is faux stone.5.  The gutter is smal...
Like great "Out of Business!" sales and old tires, a direct-vent furnace is supposed to BLOW OUT! You know, blow-out sale, a tire blow out and furnace venting.  Blow out. But what happens when, with a direct-vent furnace - it's not a blog out, but a blow in? I have to admit, I have never seen thi...

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