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Was this electric meter tampered with? For sure somebody was fooling around with it. This is another wonderful flip.  At some point along this house's 40 year life it was decided to "upgrade" the outside by spraying that cheap stucco onto everything. And I mean everything. But what did I focus on...
Arriving, immediately I heard, "My cook top is cold, and so am I when I stand in front of it." When I get to a house for a one-year warranty inspection I ask what things are going on that they want me to investigate.  I usually get an earful! She went on.  "Last week when it was really cold the m...
During a home inspection I pointed out to my client the different smoke detectors and said it is not wise to mix and match smoke detector ages and brands. The house is only 12 years old and I found three different detectors in there. Clearly there are three different smoke detectors here, and of ...
If you see this in a flip, accept my recommendation:  don't cook on this. This house was a disaster inside and out - it looked bad, it smelled bad, it was unclean, was full of trash inside and out, and generally beat up.  (It did have a wonderfully polite roof leak however...) It was as if the se...
     "The market is not an invention of capitalism.  It has existed for centuries.  It is an invention of civilization."Mikhail Gorbachev   And to say "centuries," certainly it would be true that it's many dozens of centuries!  Millennium after millennium.   Is this a back-handed slap at capitali...
OK, the house was a mess, but what fun it was to see a wonderfully polite roof leak! The house is a flip and I knew pulling up the report would be epic. It was raining horses and cows. There was a roof repair consisting of lumpy, wrinkled roll roofing, literally taped around a plumbing penetratio...
Hi friends!  It's Billy Jays here!  It's been a while! Boy, do I have an idea for you! Just the other day I was reading a post by Charlie Buell.  It concerned on-demand tankless water heaters! Charlie came to the same conclusion as everyone else who has done posts on these "green" contraptions, i...
Walking into the basement my client asked me what the device on the far wall was and my answer was, "It's NOT exactly a professional radon remediation system." There are a lot of things that make up a PROFESSIONAL radon remediation system. > It would be a completely enclosed system, with sealant ...
Before I turn it on, I always look inside the glass front of a gas fireplace and the inside of your gas fireplace should never be wet! Outside the house, a gas fireplace chimney flue should look something like this. It would be metal, protrude from the siding, and not melt the siding around it. I...
It's been cold here lately and when it gets real cold are you seeing this from your heat pump? Does it look like an ice cube? A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that can work backwards! In winter months many heat pumps will have to put themselves through what is called a "defrost cycle...

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