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No doubt about it - wet crawl spaces make for wet houses. Walking into the house we could smell the dampness and mildew.  And the entirety of the perimeter of the house was sitting on a crawl space.  This homeowner must have had previous problems with freezing pipes or well equipment in his crawl...
Free Enterprise Is A Spirit That Should Be Seen And Pursued   "A people who are possessed of the spirit of commerce, who see and who will pursue their advantages, may achieve almost anything." George Washington (1732-1799) This was a president concerned with "the people" in his country.  And he n...
I'll let you decide - human brain vs. animal instinct - dispelling the theory of evolution? We have an average townhouse built originally with an average amount of insulation in an average attic space - 12" of blown-in fiberglass which provided an R-value of about 30. The homeowner decided that h...
I've never been there before, but now I can say I have been to the land of ladder lights. Ladder lights, you say?  What is a ladder light? In yesterday's post I wrote of having run across some inept and dangerous wiring in an electric panel box.  There was a circuit in there wired entirely backwa...
Seeing this I knew we were dealing with remodeling one KNOWS is unsafe without looking much further. Seeing a few new-looking breakers in the panel box I was anxious to remove the cover to look inside. But one of the older circuit breakers was wired up with this wire. It enters the box like any o...
If you are going to winterize your exterior hose bibs the indoor hose bib shut-off valves need to be the right ones. And what are the right ones? To the right is a valve which has a brass cap on the side. That is called the "bleeder valve." It's intention is to break the vacuum in the pipe for wi...
As regards smoke detectors - I've never seen this! The fifteen year old house was in pretty good shape!  Not much done - new appliances and so forth, but no remodeling!  It was very well kept. As I walked in I noticed that the smoke detector in the main level was new.  Good!  It should be, as the...
Free Enterprise Is An Endowment That Eschews Statism And Tyranny    "I believe that without free enterprise there can be no democracy." Dwight David Eisenhower (1890-1969) While free enterprise and democracy are very different, with one being an economic system and the other political, they are n...
The email said, "The house has been vacant a year.  Please just swing through it."  He didn't want to make an offer and do a full inspection unless he needed to.  I do a lot of inspections for an out-of-state investor who investigates houses on line and makes offers.  His technique is to really u...
People call with questions after finding me on the web - like this one:  "Can you tell if there's water under the roof surface after repairs?"  The answer is yes! Scenario - a hotel roof had leaking in many places.  There are three separate roof areas - over the laundry, over the kitchen and the ...

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