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How NOT to create two new circuits to finish a basement.This house boasted a newly-finished basement. It had a family room, a new bathroom, and a finished laundry/storage room.I knew there were electric problems when the bathroom GFI receptacle turned off the lights, fan, and another receptacle i...
When a name goes to the dogs.  How about - "Charlie?"The other night my daughter brought home a puppy.Not sure we need a puppy now!  But we have a puppy.  He is a Lemon Beagle.I see more work in my future...When I asked her what she wanted to name him, she said he looks like a Charlie.Well, while...
This house had a strange smell nobody could diagnose - call a home inspector instead!Many companies had been in the house - air quality companies, mold search and destroy companies, pest companies looking for dead animals, HVAC companies - well, the term "many companies" applies.  Their solutions...
Who is responsible to clean the dryer vent in a condo?I could see inside the condo that the dryer vented through the roof.This is concerning because I have to wonder:>  who is responsible to clean it?>  how often is that done?>  what kind of a cap is on the vent tubing?At this condo inspection I ...
Reboot - verb - to boot or to be booted again.English is an interesting language.  It recycles old words to be used again in an entirely different way.Reboot would be one of those woods.  Spam, app, mouse, click - well, I could go on.Yesterday my post considered an improper roof repair regarding ...
I see this so often - new roof shingles and old plumbing vent pipe collars.Sometimes this is done with a reason - a new layer of shingles is simply laid over the old, so the original collars (AKA boots) are re-used. And, perhaps, sometimes this is done to "save money."  Why buy new boots after al...
Cut and paste deck repairs.This homeowner had a weak deck.  Built by him or prior it doesn't matter.  It had many flaws and was damaging the house in addition to sagging and swaying.The homeowner, now seller, wanted to shore it up!  A little cut here, a little paste there, and viola!Choosing what...
Here is why you didn't hear the second shoe drop.  It was in the sump pump!Fortunately it hadn't rained recently.Looking in the sump pump pit it was full of spider webs and really goopy, moldy water.It would not turn on.So I joggled the discharge tubing  to excite it and it turned on.And it ran, ...
When a large area of drywall is really hot, there is a reason why.One thing I do during a home inspection is sweep the house with a thermal camera.And Mighty Mo is good at what he does.This is the back side of a skylight over the master bathtub.While standing in the tub and looking up this is wha...
How can you ruin a sump pump in two seconds?  Cut the ground prong! This homeowner wanted to add a device to add ultra-violet rays to the return duct in the HVAC system.  But there was an outlet nearby that the silly electrician installed that only had one receptacle to plug into!  (Never mind th...

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