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I see it all the time, on new construction and old - improper attic access ladder installation.Attic access ladders span the distance between ceiling and floor.  That distance can vary - 8, 9, 10, and even more feet.Attic access ladders have to hold weight!  Individuals climbing and descending an...
Danger - rust in electrical panel box components.The percentage of the time would be unknown, but I often see rust in panel box components.There is debate surrounding how much is too much.To me there cannot be much debate or room for error.Corrosion is corrosion; damage is damage; electrical comp...
This is what you get when the cable guy shovels the snow in the attic.On new construction it is best to get subs to do things in proper order.What if the cable guy is scheduled to show up AFTER the insulation is blown into the attic space?Gee whiz, Mr. Wizard, that might not be the best time!Star...
How does a cold-blooded snake get warm inside a house?Cold-blooded animals have to find an external heat source to warm their bodies.  Outdoors that source would typically be the sun.But if a snake gets into a house, how can he get warm?Opening a closet in a basement room to evaluate the panel bo...
How can a cold-blooded snake get warm inside a house?Cold-blooded reptiles have to find an external heat source to warm their bodies.  Outdoors that source would be the sun.  Well, if you are a snake and inside a house, and need to warm up, how do you do it?Looking at a panel box I happened to lo...
"The inspector needs to prove that animals are getting in..." said the seller to my client's agent. Well, no, the inspector doesn't.The selling agent had called me to say the seller does not believe there was anywhere on the house that animals could have gotten indoors.  He asked me if there was ...
Let's speak frankly about Carpentry 101 - plumb, level and square.Warning:   If you don't like disgusted sarcasm caused by regular experience do not read further.I see things during pre-drywall inspections that are simply silly.  They are infantile.  They are amateur.  They reflect a lack of unde...
In this case the drywall told the tale, and the tester verified the truth.When I see new electrical installations, I wonder as to how professional they might be.This kitchen had 8 new canister light fixtures.Walking in I knew where to look.Getting out my flashlight I set it next to the ceiling to...
When walking through a house, ceilings that bulge downward bulge for a reason.In this case there were new light fixtures installed in the bathroom ceiling.  A new fan was also installed.  And the ceiling nearby bulged downward dramatically.  Knowing what I was seeing I broke out Mighty Mo.The the...
When I pulled up to this house I saw a sure sign it was a Flipper.I could see new vinyl siding on the lower half of the front.  The upper half of the front was the original aluminum siding, painted to look like the lower half.  You can see both siding materials in this photo.The other thing I cou...

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