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Faux stone has been around a while.  So why am I still seeing this?Over the years I have had many posts about faux stone, and the improper installation thereof.  When not installed well it becomes a problem.  And it's not a matter of if - improper installation will eventually result in problems, ...
Warning- sarcasm to follow.  Is this a pro job or not?To be truthful, I saw the brick work from the parking lot and knew it would be a thermal camera issue inside.Is it a pro job?  Probably not.What happened? Likely the front hose bib was not winterized and it froze.However, to repair that you do...
When staircases are lemons.From my Oxford Dictionary of English -Lemon - informal - an unsatisfactory or feeble person or thing.In this 21 year old townhouse, three levels, when walking up and down the staircases, all of them, that is ALL OF THEM, bounced, sagged, squeaked and felt unstable.  Som...
The walls were wet in the middle but not at the bottom?  Why?And that was the question.  I couldn't answer it!  I only knew what I found.During the thermal image sweep of this condo I found walls and ceilings wet, but only on the lower level. The areas were all under the kitchen.  The reason? Sti...

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