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When mirror silvering fails.Mirrors are simple sheets of glass that have been coated on the backside with aluminum oxide.This is a process that has been around for hundreds of years.  In the past everything from tin, and mercury, and silver were used to coat the backside of glass.  That silver wa...
Is a home inspector required to inspect (test) a washing machine?No, there is no "requirement," but a home inspector can test anything he wants to or that the client wants tested.Does that surprise you?Isn't the home inspector hired to examine systems and components?  Yes, but there are limits.Th...
"But it was just a little leak.  We turned off the dishwasher!"Water from leaks has to go somewhere.  Even when the leak appears to be contained.This client built a new home and I performed a home inspection.  All of the appliances were tested, including the dishwasher.  And they have been in the...
When unprofessional "roofers" have never heard of OSHA.Many roofs in our neighborhood got shredded by a tornado in April.  Mine included.Of course I hired a professional I have known for over 20 years - licensed to the hilt, insured, professional in every way.   And voted the best roofer in Virgi...

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