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Welcome to our new house!This is a new home.  Nobody has lived there yet.When the buyers are invited by the builder to finally see it and have their final walk through, how would you like to walk up to your new front door and see this?To top it off, when that "final" coat of paint was put on the ...
Reflections of the Christmas Tree.We buy and decorate Christmas trees.  Why?  When did this start?Apparently in the 1400s and 1500s in Europe.  White pine trees have been used for millennia to celebrate various things, Christians began using the pine tree as a sign of the Everlasting God.My Chris...
What kind of Christmas tree ornament does a home inspector use?Well, only the best!And what did you expect?I love doing home inspections - old homes, new homes - you name it.If I could afford to live independently I would do home inspections for free!My recommendation:  one could say that the Chr...
How high winds damage roofs.This blog is taken from a letter to an insurance company defending a client who had severe roof damage from a tornado, with ongoing subsequent leaks.  The insurance company took the position that the wind damage was "wear and tear," that the leaking was "coincidental t...
How to determine that the seal has broken in a double-pane window.The seal has broken long BEFORE condensation and fogging are visible in a double-pane window.But how can you know that?You can't.  Unless you have a thermal camera!One thing I do with Mighty Mo is to sweep the entire house.  I'm lo...
This is a poor roofing practice.And I see it all the time on new construction.  I'm not sure why it is done.  It isn't thinking ahead.When roof trusses are lifted up to the roof they are done in large groups and a crane is used.This is new construction, a large house, and had many trusses.The tru...

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