counter flashing: This Is Step One Of Roof Flashing. Counter Flashing Is Step Two. - 02/07/18 04:17 AM
This is step one of roof flashing.  Counter flashing is step two.
So, on this new house, where's step two?
This is step one.
It is called step flashing.
A piece of metal is bent at a 90 degree angle and placed under each shingle in a step fashion all the way up a roof.
It abuts the side of the house, either subsurface material or brick. The step flashing here is properly done.
This step prevents water from getting into the house between the side of the house and the roof surface.
It is an absolutely essential step.
But notice something.
It is not glued or attached to the … (33 comments)

counter flashing: If You Don't Keep Water Out With Kick-Out Flashing, You Kick It In - 04/29/14 07:34 PM
The same principle has held forever - if you don't keep water out with kick-out flashing, you kick it in. 
Proper flashing is always a Best Practice.
Flashing is simple, but has to be done right.
Skipping any part of it will admit water.
Water does what water does - it is dynamically fluid!
Flashing diverts, pure and simple.
Flashing consists, as seen here, of step flashing, under each shingle, stepping, as it were, up the roof.
Counter flashing - which is a second flashing, covering the step flashing.
And then sometimes a form of siding.  If the counter flashing … (7 comments)

counter flashing: Counter Yer Counter Flashing! - 07/25/10 12:17 AM

If you're like me, your roof flashing can be a real pain!
You look up and there it is, sometimes with and sometimes without that pesky counter flashing!  It seems that counter flashing is always loose!  And it leaks!  I got fed so up myself that I came up with Counter Yer Counter Flashing!
Hi, Billy Jays here!
You will never experience leaking again! 
You will never experience loose counter flashing again!
You will never experience the stares and head shaking of your neighbors again!

You will want to call now once you see our newest roofing aid:  … (12 comments)

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