roof flashing: This Is Step One Of Roof Flashing. Counter Flashing Is Step Two. - 02/07/18 04:17 AM
This is step one of roof flashing.  Counter flashing is step two.
So, on this new house, where's step two?
This is step one.
It is called step flashing.
A piece of metal is bent at a 90 degree angle and placed under each shingle in a step fashion all the way up a roof.
It abuts the side of the house, either subsurface material or brick. The step flashing here is properly done.
This step prevents water from getting into the house between the side of the house and the roof surface.
It is an absolutely essential step.
But notice something.
It is not glued or attached to the … (33 comments)

roof flashing: This Will Always Add Up -- Chimney Repair + Bad Flashing = A Leak! - 01/31/16 07:40 PM
This will always add up -- chimney repair + bad flashing = a leak!
I see the top 3 or 4' of chimneys having been replaced all the time.
If there has been a problem replacing it is the way to go.
But this mason was obviously not a flashing specialist!
From both sides of the chimney, and from the street (the roof was covered with snow) it was possible to see this counter flashing simply glued into place with goopy caulking.
In and of itself that is not a problem, although the aesthetics are not there.
But the purpose of flashing is to keep everything as … (16 comments)

roof flashing: Eaves Of Destruction - 04/12/15 08:36 PM
Different wording, maybe, than the original song, but this roof's got Eaves of Destruction.
Don't you understand what I'm tryin' to say
Can't you feel the fears I'm feelin' today?
But I'll tell you, over and over and over again, my friend,
Ah, you don't believe that roof's got eaves of destruction?
Actually there were three eaves of destruction.
The one circled, the other slightly visible on the right, and another on the right side of that window penetration.
Impossible to see in the photo, but there is an issue here.
Against the wall, individually along with the shingles, is step flashing.
That's good!
There needs to be step flashing.
Without step … (29 comments)

roof flashing: A Lack Of Step Flashing Will Invite Leaking - 04/10/14 08:15 PM
This is a set up for future problems - a lack of step flashing will invite leaking.
Roofing and siding is done in stages.
If any stage is skipped the result will eventually be leaking.
The roof is built from the bottom up - sheathing, siding underlayment, various kinds of flashing, shingles, house wrap, siding.
On important step is called "step flashing."
In this diagram it the step flashing consists of the small, angled flashing sections under each course of shingle.
The flashing comes first, covered by shingle, covered by flashing, covered by shingle - working up the roof, from the … (33 comments)

roof flashing: New Construction - A Roof Flashing Question - Got 'Em! - 03/09/13 08:23 PM
It sounds like some cue cards on a TV set - new construction - a roof flashing question - got 'em!
Often times on new construction the master bedroom has a gas fireplace.  And if they can make it look good, the fireplace will have a flue that exits out the side of the house.
Depending on where it's located on the side of the house, and the surrounding architecture, the flue will have its own little box and roof.
This house has one of those.
During the pre-drywall inspection the structure was done here, but the siding and roof had … (27 comments)

roof flashing: A Chimney Cricket Needed (Not A Jiminy Cricket) - 07/28/12 08:30 PM
You remember Jiminy Cricket?  He was Pinocchio's friend, and a metaphor for his conscience.
I never saw him on a roof.
Depending on how a chimney is positioned on a roof, and how wide it is, a chimney cricket is the way to go.
On a wide chimney, wider than 30"or so, and a steep slope, a cricket really is essential.
So when I did not see a cricket behind this chimney, of course I recommended one.
Another problem here is that the flashing is very short.
When water cascades down a … (40 comments)

roof flashing: The Cricket Isn't Cricket - 09/12/11 12:00 AM
What do you do when the cricket isn't cricket?
Do you know what a cricket is?
It's a little, triangular feature roofers build behind a wide chimney.  In roofing slang, it's called a cricket!
It's intended to divert water around that chimney, so it doesn't flow rapidly down a roof and splash violently into the chimney, causing a leak.
I would assume this cricket has been behind this chimney long before the recent roof shingle replacement.
But even if the cricket was built then, it wasn't angled or flashed properly.
How do I know this?

roof flashing: Looked Up, Looked Down, Looked All Around - 09/10/11 09:43 PM
Entering the garage I looked up at the ceiling.  I always look up first.
As I looked up, what did I see?  A swelling stain in the drywall.  One of many actually. 
But this one looked like a question mark!
(I couldn't take it's picture with the flash, as the swollen stuff was whited out.  And there wasn't enough light to take it without a flash.  But I did find some orange cellophane and used it as a makeshift filter, and viola!  Eat your heart out Thornton...)
I began questioning what I saw!

So I looked down.
What did I … (53 comments)

roof flashing: Flipper Fodder 3 - Foaming That Flashing! - 08/18/11 10:30 PM
Seeing this flashing "repair" from the outside, I could hardly wait to see what was going on inside to warrant such an over-the-top "solution!"  Just remember, things aren't always repaired by foaming that flashing!
I think Flipper noticed that water had been coming in and wetting the firewall between units.
This is an older neighborhood, built in the 70s, so the firewall between townhouses is masonry.
Apparently some really good Internet investigation revealed some products new to Flipper - shingle drip edges, fascia boards, counter flashing and poly foam!
Yes, the wonderful poly foam!
And he went to work!
There was … (15 comments)

roof flashing: Does Your Chimney Play Cricket? - 09/25/10 11:46 PM
Ever heard of a chimney cricket?  Does your chimney have one?  If it is at the bottom of a sloping roof and 30" wide or more it should have one.  In my opinion, even if it is less than 30" wide it should have at least a small one.

What's a cricket?  This is a cricket.  It is a small, angled roof structure behind a chimney.
Why have one?  So that rain water rushing down the roof doesn't smash into the backside of the chimney.
The cricket's intention is to divert such fast-flowing water around the chimney.  Even with well-placed … (29 comments)

roof flashing: Counter Yer Counter Flashing! - 07/25/10 12:17 AM

If you're like me, your roof flashing can be a real pain!
You look up and there it is, sometimes with and sometimes without that pesky counter flashing!  It seems that counter flashing is always loose!  And it leaks!  I got fed so up myself that I came up with Counter Yer Counter Flashing!
Hi, Billy Jays here!
You will never experience leaking again! 
You will never experience loose counter flashing again!
You will never experience the stares and head shaking of your neighbors again!

You will want to call now once you see our newest roofing aid:  … (12 comments)

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