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              WHO IS THE BEST REALTOR FOR YOUR HOME?                           This is the last in our series of 7 articles                  TURN AN EXPIRED LISTING INTO A SALE   What are some of the things that would encourage you to select a Realtor?    Who in this list do you feel is the best ...
This is the sixth installment in our series of seven.   In the prior installments of our series we covered:   Part Two ~ INTRODUCTION Part Two  ~ Make Like a Detective Part Three ~ The View From Afar Part Four ~ No Duct Tape Please Part Five ~ Spring into Action The prior installments addressed ...
Everyone knows that if you eliminate the middle man you can save money.  Buying milk directly from the dairy is cheaper than buying milk at the grocery store.  Absolutely correct!  Does the same logic apply to the most important purchase you will make in your life?  You have heard that if you eli...
PART 5 ~SPRING INTO ACTION ~ MAKING THE PLAN This is number 5 of a 7 part series.  In previous installments we listed some of the factors that negatively impact a home sale.  The single most influential aspect is pricing. We looked inside and out for obvious flaws.  Next we stood back and made a ...
PART FOUR  ~  NO  DUCT  TAPE  PLEASE!   Previously we discussed assessing the exterior and interior of your home.  We addressed clutter, paint, and the condition of the living area. The next area to explore is everything that is mechanical or requires maintenance.   NO DUCT TAPE PLEASE!   If you ...
A MESSAGE FROM YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS! SIT DOWN !    SHUT UP !   AND HANG ON !   Last night I read a post authored by Tony Toto.  'General Welfare' and it's Meaning in The U.S. Constitution My mouth dropped when I read it. At first I did not grasp what he was saying and then it hit me.  I urge y...
TURN AN EXPIRED LISTING ~ INTO A SALE -  PART 3   THE VIEW FROM AFAR! In our previous installment we talked about curb appeal and interior appeal.  Now lets take a critical look from afar.    Being objective is critical to changing the outcome.  Are there things in and around the home that cause ...
FIDELITY DEPOSIT AND DISCOUNT BANK   Recently contributed $15,000.00 towards a new Autism Center in Scranton, Pa.   FIDELITY BANK donated the funds towards the building a state-of-the-art center. The center will be run by Friendship House.  Autism has been diagnosed more frequently in recent year...
Dear Friends of Animals, PETLAND a national pet chain has been uncovered by the The Humane Society of the United States as a huge outlet for puppy mill puppies. The Humane Society of the United States is collecting signatures on a petition to stop PUPPY MILLS. They have filed a class action lawsu...
   MAKE LIKE A DETECTIVE   In the first installment of this series we touched on identifying the reasons your home did not sell.  We advised that to be successful it was necessary to ferret out the obstacles to the sale. The list of everything that could be considered is extensive.  It would be i...

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