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                      RECENT SWEEP CLOSES 200 POOLS The Washington Post reported October 13, 2009, that our government has been sending out inspectors to public swimming pools and spas.  Recently 100 inspectors were dispatched to check public pools for compliance with drain mandates.  As a resul...
                        The Indian Health Care Improvement Act This is a shining example of how our government fulfills what it describes as the "Legal and Moral Obligation" to provide health care for American Indians. If we have doubts about how government run health care will impact us, we sho...
WHO ARE THE UNINSURED?  We have heard the hue and cry regarding the plight of the uninsured.  Numbers between 30 and 47 million are used to identify those who do not have affordable heath care.  This is the impetus for pushing through an unpopular health care initiative .  The result of which is ...
                                                                                 Hillary is in rare form.      I don't recall her working any harder trying to negotiate a truce.                                     Way to go Hill!       Secretary Clinton Video Message on the Tonight Show With Cona...
                                                                         This is simply hysterical.  Looks like latenight is giving Obama got a taste of what Bush, Palin and McCain put up with.                       Conan O'Brien aired this recently - enjoy !                              http://w...
    Several articles have appeared regarding the misuse of American Military funds by our alleged ally Pakistan.   "Former president Pervez Musharraf says the US military aid given to Pakistan during his tenure was used to strengthen defences against India. The money was used to arm the troops wh...
  Proponents of Health Care Reform seem to be rejoicing that the CBO has projected a "profit" which will help reduce the deficit in 10 years. As any accountant knows the bottom line is the result of income in and expense out.  To know how profitable an activity actually is you must do an analysis...
Recently the New York Times released a slide show revealing art the White House has chosen to display.  Most First Families select art from various museums and artists to hang in the White House during their administration.  The pieces are on loan and not purchased by the Obamas. First Families s...
  In yet another move to subliminally "tax" the American public, the Baucus health care bill puts a cap on Flexible Spending Accounts. Millions of chronically ill Americans use Flexible Spending Accounts to manage their out of pocket health care costs.  FSA's allow individuals to make pre-tax con...
                       We are approaching the 46th anniversary of the Assassination of                                                              John F. Kennedy                                                        A man I greatly admired    A few years ago, after 9/11  I had the opportunity ...

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