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  It was announced today the Premier of the Province of Newfoundland, Danny Williams is coming to the U.S.for heart surgery. In an interview he cited, among other things, a wait of 182 days for any kind of surgical procedure.  A huge majority of women's cancer tests came back with inaccurate resu...
Ever wonder what Rush does for exercise?  I thought this was a joke this morning when I heard it. Rush was judging at the Miss America pageant.  All the judges stood up to strut their stuff to Poker Face sung by Lady Gaga. Well Rush stole the show with some pretty impressive disco moves.  Bravo ...
  Our country is deeply embroiled in two wars far from home.  We hear stories of heroism and sacrifice.  Men and women who lived ordinary lives stateside are transformed into the stuff heroes are made from. In the blink of an eye they think not of themselves, nor the life they are about to forfei...

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