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Nestled in the rich and lush farmlands of north east Pa you will find a hidden gem -  Saddle Lake.  This picturesque lake is located close to the historic town of Tunkhannock Pa, and a short drive from Scranton Pa.  If you are looking for a quieter life style consider this prime building lot.  On...
When it comes time to market your home sellers should consider that being there when the home is shown is not a good idea. In my experience I've seen sellers try to get friendly with prospective buyers.  Perhaps they feel if they appear to be friendly people it might prompt an offer on their home...
Mega Electronics retailer Best Buy has just announced they will be closing 50 store nationwide. They plan to cut 400 jobs in an effort to stem the flow of losses.  2011 Best Buy posted $1.2 Billion in annual loss. The company plans on scaling down retail locations to compete with monster internet...
The Scranton Times reported this week that interest rates for 30 year fixed loans have risen. The mortgage interest rates can rise and fall driven by our economy and other economic indicators. For several weeks we saw interest rates below 4%.  That is a record low in our country.  In 2005 a mortg...
Homeowners in Clarks Summit Pa should pay special attention to gutters, downspouts and chimneys.  Poorly maintained any one of these areas could cause significant water damage to your home. Protect your most important investment by annually inspecting these items around your home. The following a...
So many of our lovely homes in Clarks Summit Pa have gleaming hardwood floors. How do you keep them looking their best for years to come?  Flooring specialist Debbie Gartner has written a very informative article with useless tips to help you keep those floors in pristine condition. Many of my cu...
Much has been written about the need for disclosure in real estate transactions.  In this instance I'm addressing the need for a seller to disclose property condition.  Some agents inadvertently allow a seller to skirt their responsibility.  I'm not suggesting that agents are culpable or assist n...
Since the shooting of Trayvon Martin the "Stand Your ground Law" has come under extreme criticism.  Earlier this week I wrote another blog about this before it gathered nationwide steam. There is a movement ...
Many of us have one or more kitties in our homes.  We become very attached to these affectionate felines and share our lives with them.  The list of horrendous disases which can be fatal to them has grown over the years.  The latest disease to catch my attention is Cytauxzoonosis or Bob Cat Fever...
Have you been following the case of Trayvon Martin? This is the young black 17 year old boy who was unarmed and shot down by a self appointed neighborhood watch captain.  The community was a gated community in Sanford Florida.  The young man was visiting his father.  He walked to a local 7-11 and...

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