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Here is a comprehensive article discussing the pros and cons of rent to own, or lease to own, compliments of fellow Realtor Jerry Newman We are often asked by buyers to help them find properties they can rent and purchase later. For some the option is perfect.  For others it can be a nightmare.  ...
In North East Pa water in basements is not an uncommon occurence.  One of the greatest sources of this aggravating nuisance can be remedied very easily by redirecting downspouts. All downspouts MUST discharge water away from the foundation wall.  As they say, denial isn't just a river in Egypt. A...
In North East Pa broken walk ways and cracked concrete patios are a common occurrence. Look to the surrounding area to see if a tree root might actually be the cause of the problem.   How did you know I had a tree root problem? Trees that grow roots near the top layer of the soil can be a problem...

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