clarks summit pa homes for sale: Sellers In Clarks Summit Pa - Be Careful Talking To Buyers Without Your Realtor - 03/30/12 10:59 AM
When it comes time to market your home sellers should consider that being there when the home is shown is not a good idea.

In my experience I've seen sellers try to get friendly with prospective buyers.  Perhaps they feel if they appear to be friendly people it might prompt an offer on their home.

Often the seller lets their guard down and begins to blab personal things.  They inadvertently reveal things which could put them at a disadvantage during negotiations.

Buyers will look for "desperation". A sick parent and you are relocating.  A job change and you … (2 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa Homes Important Maintenance Tips - 03/29/12 03:03 AM
Homeowners in Clarks Summit Pa should pay special attention to gutters, downspouts and chimneys.  Poorly maintained any one of these areas could cause significant water damage to your home.

Protect your most important investment by annually inspecting these items around your home.

The following article was written by professional home inspector David Selman.  You may find the examples useful around your home.
Home Maintenance Tip - Chimneys, Rain Gutters, Grading
David SelmanAdvanced Professional Inspector Lic.# 10299FHA/HUD # F537 Septic Cert #113423
Phone: 469-371-3228 
"Accurate Investment Protection You Can Trust"
Dallas Home Inspection
Fort … (0 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa - Buyers Tour Homes With The Agent Who Will Write Your Offer - 03/12/12 07:34 AM
In this day and age many buyers want access to information and homes IMMEDIATELY.  They are so accustomed to instant gratification that bending the rules seems to justify their quest for satisfaction.

In real estate we have very specific responsibilities as agents.  We ALL represent the seller UNTIL a buyer formally selects us to represent their interests exclusively.  That's known as a BUYERS AGENT.

Buyers think nothing of calling a listing agent or another agent in the same office and telling a little white lie to get access to a home on THEIR schedule. What the buyer fails to … (0 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa Homes - Update A Bathroom Without Spending A Fortune - 03/11/12 11:58 AM
If you are contemplating selling your home in Clarks Summit Pa, the two of the most important rooms a buyer considers is the kitchen and the bathroom.  Fiberglass tubs and showers are very popular and used for years to update a bathroom.

Over time they get "tired" looking with stains that are impossible to remove.  Before undertaking a huge re-fit in your bathroom consider having your tub or shower refinished.

Fellow Realtor Joanne Crum wrote this interesting article with before and after pictures of fiberglass refinishing.

This can be a cost effective way to spruce up your … (1 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa Homes For Sale - Don't Worry We'll Handle It - 03/09/12 09:37 AM
As Realtors we are called upon every day to handle difficult situations.  It's what we do best for our buyers and sellers.

Our job is to make the buying or selling process stress free for our clients.  We are experienced with every aspect of the transaction.  There is really nothing in a transaction we can't handle.
RELAX we'll handle it.

Here is a great article from Real Estate professional Karen Fiddler about how we as Realtors take care of all your needs.

Most consumers realize that this is a very complicated real estate environment. Any buyer who … (6 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: Scranton Pa Homes For Sale - Sellers Attend To Those Little Details - 03/09/12 09:13 AM
Here is an interesting article posted by Real Estate professional Gene Mundt with some great advice. When preparing your home for sale in Scranton Pa staging is critical before your first showing.
Pay attention to little details. One area most sellers over look is odor. Cooking, pets, smoking, and some room deodorizers create an unpleasant atmosphere.
If a buyer is turned off by an unusual odor it could be the difference between sale and NO SALE.
Is that the smell of sweet success in your home ...
Or ???
     I'm an advocate … (0 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa - Sellers Don't Blow A Potential Sale - 03/04/12 06:42 AM
It takes a lot of planning to set up a tour of 7, 8 or 9 homes for a buyer.  As agents we structure our showings in a logical pattern.  Starting at the furthest point and coming back to our starting point.

Lo and behold the homeowner in the middle of our tour cannot accommodate the showing because of a baby's nap or some other known scheduling issue.

It's impossible to rearrange 7 other homeowners to suit just one.  You may find your home is eliminated from the tour and possibly from a potential sale.
I'm often amazed at … (1 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa Is A Great Place To Buy A Home - 02/27/12 06:05 AM
Clarks Summit Pa is a great place to buy a home.  Come and visit Clarks Summit and see for yourself.  It's a community that beckons you to stay.  No matter what your lifestyle you can find the perfect home to settle down in.Clarks Summit is also referred to as The Abingtons.  Several communities nestled together within a stones throw of all major highways. 
Clarks Green, Waverly, Clarks Summit, Newton, Ransom, Glenburn, South Abington, Dalton and Chinchilla are all local communities in the Abington School District.Clarks Summit Pa is a great place to buy a home because no matter where … (0 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: First Time Home Buyers In Clarks Summit Pa - Separate The Fears From The Facts - 02/26/12 06:04 AM
The Sisters - Jayne and Bonnie specialize in helping first time home buyers.  The thought of buying a home may seem daunting.

Having experienced agents to guide your through the process is critical to a satisfactory outcome.  Many buyers display apprehension and fear at the thought of taking the plunge into home ownership.

Laurie Miller is kind enough to share her top reasons why buyers are reluctant to make the transition from renter to home owner.
Although there are many good reasons to buy a home, wealth building ranks among the top of the list.  However, too often, people … (0 comments)

clarks summit pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa Luxury Homes Real Estate For Sale - 10/02/11 03:24 PM
Clarks Summit Pa Luxury Homes And Real Estate

Located just minutes from Scranton Pa, Clarks Summit and the surrounding communities offer some of the finest luxury homes available in North East Pennsylvania. Close to major interstates, shopping, recreation and popular schools Clarks Summit offers upscale living choices for families of all sizes. For the most current list of Luxury homes click on CLARKS SUMMIT PA LUXURY HOMES For appointments or additional information on any property listed please contact Jayne or Bonnie Vaughan via email, text or phone 570-878-8120 Feel free to use our website without restrictions, to search the latest … (2 comments)

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