obama health care reform: Kudos to the VA Legislature * New Law will block Federal Obamacare Mandated Healthcare Purchase - 03/14/10 12:03 PM
Glad to see some states taking action which could help block Obamacare at a State level.  Certainly hope Pennsylvania take the initiative to do the same.
Virginia Gov Bob McDonnell will sign legislation on Wednesday that will PREVENT the federal government from mandating that Virginia citizens purchase health insurance. 34 other states are considering similar coverage.
Wallace S. Gibson, CPM * GIBSON MANAGEMENT GROUP, Ltd.View our available rental homes online with photos and floor plans"...to be a Virginian, either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one's Mother's side, is an Introduction to any State in the Union, a … (8 comments)

obama health care reform: White House Horse Trading - 03/04/10 05:46 AM
If this health care bill is so great - why can't it pass on its own merits? Tonight Obama is inviting a select few who voted NO on his health care bill to the White House for a little private "party".  This is a hand picked group of 10. 
Is this a little pep talk?  Perhaps the long green mile to the firing squad?  It could not possibly be some back door horse trading could it? One of the lawmakers is Jim Matheson from Utah.  Obama just announced that he is appointing Jim Matheson's brother, Scott Matheson to a … (22 comments)

obama health care reform: Obama Health Care ~ Possible Double-Standard? - 02/22/10 01:46 AM
President Obama published his health care bill at Whitehouse.gov.  There is nothing new that we have not heard before. The same inequities exist.  This bill is not good for America. If the plan is so great - why do lawmakers continue to exempt themselves from participation? Maybe they are just more equal than the rest of us peons.
Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J), the 2nd oldest member of the US Senate, has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. That's unfortunate, but it won't deter him from finishing his current term and even running for another term - which he has … (2 comments)

obama health care reform: Premier Of Canada Coming To U.S. For Surgery~ How Come? - 02/03/10 12:34 AM
It was announced today the Premier of the Province of Newfoundland, Danny Williams is coming to the U.S.for heart surgery.
In an interview he cited, among other things, a wait of 182 days for any kind of surgical procedure.  A huge majority of women's cancer tests came back with inaccurate results in his Province.  He indicated he did not trust the competency of the surgeons in his country to perform the surgery.  He felt his survival was at risk. A Province is equivalent to a State.  Population density varies from Province to Province as it does in this country, state … (24 comments)

obama health care reform: Nancy Vows To "Climb Every Mountain ~ Ford Every Stream" - 01/28/10 06:47 AM
Sorry Nancy, while you've got the lyrics right, you'll never give Julie Andrews a run for her money. Stunningly both Obama and Pelosi are going to push forward with health care reform.  In spite of the will of the American people Nancy said today, if they build a wall we will pole vault over it.  If they put up obstacles we will go over them.
Here are her exact words - you'll love them.
“We have to get it done,” the speaker said. “What the process is doesn’t matter. The outcome is what is important, and what it … (6 comments)

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