scranton pa homes for sale: Scranton Pa Homes - When You Need A Little Extra Heat - 03/12/12 08:03 AM
In Scranton Pa your home may feel warm, but one or more areas just don't heat to a comfortable level.

Fellow Realtor Amy Mullen wrote a terrific article packed with valuable information on the latest space heaters available.

The proper space heater can solve those chilly spots in your home and only used when they are needed.
Space heaters used to be clunky plugins that squatted on the floor and scared the fluff off your cat. No more — these 5 space heaters are totally cool.
1. Radiant heating This radiant heat panel — the mirror and towel … (2 comments)

scranton pa homes for sale: Scranton Pa Homes For Sale - What Happens If A Seller Does Not Disclose A Home Defect? - 03/11/12 10:34 AM
In Pennsylvania seller disclosure is the law.  A seller is required to put in writing everything they know about the home during their occupancy. 

When a roof was replaced.  If water issues have been present.  If there are known hazards on the property.

The form is extensive and often homeowners would prefer not to "tattle" on their house. 

Fellow Realtor Doug Rogers, in a recent article reminds sellers failure to disclose is a potential lawsuit.  The disclosure requirement is not unique to Pennsylvania.

Sellers are reminded to be honest and truthful when completing a Sellers … (4 comments)

scranton pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa Homes For Sale - Don't Worry We'll Handle It - 03/09/12 09:37 AM
As Realtors we are called upon every day to handle difficult situations.  It's what we do best for our buyers and sellers.

Our job is to make the buying or selling process stress free for our clients.  We are experienced with every aspect of the transaction.  There is really nothing in a transaction we can't handle.
RELAX we'll handle it.

Here is a great article from Real Estate professional Karen Fiddler about how we as Realtors take care of all your needs.

Most consumers realize that this is a very complicated real estate environment. Any buyer who … (6 comments)

scranton pa homes for sale: Clarks Summit Pa Homes For Sale - Short Sale Facts - 03/09/12 09:22 AM
Thousands of home owners have used a process called a Short Sale to sell their homes for less than they owe.  If you have contemplated selling your home and taking advantage of the debt relief program don't hesitate too long.

Read this timely article by Real Estate professional Rocky Dole.

A Realtor experienced in Short Sales can help you through the process.  It is a solution for homeowners who owe more than their home is worth.
Short Sale Your Home Before Its Too Late/Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act!!!
Are you like many people who are “under water” in their … (2 comments)

scranton pa homes for sale: Scranton Pa Homes For Sale - Sellers Attend To Those Little Details - 03/09/12 09:13 AM
Here is an interesting article posted by Real Estate professional Gene Mundt with some great advice. When preparing your home for sale in Scranton Pa staging is critical before your first showing.
Pay attention to little details. One area most sellers over look is odor. Cooking, pets, smoking, and some room deodorizers create an unpleasant atmosphere.
If a buyer is turned off by an unusual odor it could be the difference between sale and NO SALE.
Is that the smell of sweet success in your home ...
Or ???
     I'm an advocate … (0 comments)

scranton pa homes for sale: Scranton Pa Homes For Sale - Rent To Own - 03/07/12 07:11 PM
Every week we are asked by buyers to contact a seller to see if they would consider rent to own.  There are several terms which apply to this type of transaction. Rent to own, lease to own, option to buy, contract for deed. 

As a Real Estate professional I caution buyers to be extremely careful before entering into any agreement with a home owner.

Get competent professional help from both a Realtor and an attorney.  Allowing the home owner to write the agreement can result in your "giving away" certain legal rights you may be entitled to. 

scranton pa homes for sale: Scranton Pa Home Affordability At Record High - 03/07/12 05:31 AM
The latest home affordability numbers are out.  These are national averages.  Home prices have reached an all time affordability level for buyers.

If you are looking to buy a home in the Scranton Pa area this is certainly an excellent time to be shopping.
Use the same MLS search used by Realtors in Scranton Pa.
Home Affordability Reaches An All-Time High Home affordability moved higher last quarter, boosted by the lowest mortgage rates in history, a rise in median income, and slow-to-recover home prices throughout New York and the country.
According to the National Association of Home Builders, the … (0 comments)

scranton pa homes for sale: Scranton Pa Homes - Water In Your Basement? - 03/03/12 09:55 PM
In North East Pa water in basements is not an uncommon occurence. 

One of the greatest sources of this aggravating nuisance can be remedied very easily by redirecting downspouts.
All downspouts MUST discharge water away from the foundation wall.  As they say, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
Anything else simply sets the house up for disaster over time.
This is the downspout on the front corner of the house.
This house is situated on a hill, with the front foundation wall completely buried.
This has been discharging against the foundation for some time.
Someone even put a … (2 comments)

scranton pa homes for sale: How did you know I had a tree root problem? - 03/03/12 09:39 PM
In North East Pa broken walk ways and cracked concrete patios are a common occurrence.

Look to the surrounding area to see if a tree root might actually be the cause of the problem.
How did you know I had a tree root problem?

Trees that grow roots near the top layer of the soil can be a problem for concrete sidewalks and patios. This is especially true in areas where the soil is not conducive to deep root growth.
No we didn’t have an earthquake; you just have a tree root problem. Remove the concrete, … (0 comments)

scranton pa homes for sale: Market Updates Scranton Pa ~ August 2009 ~ Homes Sold - 09/06/09 09:00 AM
AUGUST 1, 2009 - AUGUST 31, 2009 SCRANTON CITY Units Sold              24 Aver Sales Price                    $93,783 Median Sales Price                    $91,005 Aver Days On Market                  85   Information provided by Scranton Board of Realtors and deemed to be correct.  Author is not responsible for any inaccuracies or typographical errors.

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