take back america: Online tax revolt and march on Washington - 02/22/10 02:01 AM
Would you like to protest taxes?  Are you fed up with Washington not listening to you?  If you want a join a Tax Revolt March you can do so without ever leaving your home. Send a message today!
Do think our tax system needs an overhaul?   Join the online tax revolt.  It is a virtual march on Washington that will culminate with a live event.  Signing up easy.  Give your name and email address, pick an avatar, pick a team.  That's it!  Then you can check in anytime and see your progress on the interactive map.
Online Tax … (2 comments)

take back america: Don't Lie To Me - 02/08/10 02:45 PM
As Americans we should be paying attention everyday to what is happening in Washington.  The largest debt in our history is being heaped on our shoulders.  Our children and grandchildren will be paying this off long after we are gone. If you are concerned about the direction your country is headed - get involved - join a Tea Party or 9/12 movement and let your voices ring out.
     By this time we are now well in to the workings of the trillion dollar & still adding spending stimulus package, others beside myself should be questioning what is going … (2 comments)

take back america: GOP should make significant gains in House and Senate in 2010 - 01/01/10 09:16 AM
The direction our country has gone since January 2009 is troubling.
The majority of Americans do not favor the actions of Congress. 
The majority of Americans do not favor health care reform. 
The majority of Americans do not approve of the Socialistic policies this administration is adopting. Time to clean the house!
All 435 house seats and 36 senate seats are up for election in 2010 as well as the Senate seat of Ted Kennedy which the Democrats are expected to retain after the January 19th election.
Republicans need to win 40 Congressional and 11 Senate … (4 comments)

take back america: We the People... - 12/15/09 03:12 AM
This is your country.  Do you like the direction it is taking? Our forefathers left us with a road map.  They not only gave us a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, they left us their advice to follow through and keep control of our government. Here are some quotes to ponder.  Look up other quotes of our founding fathers for more inspiration. The day is coming where we will have to stand united as citizens, to save our country from destruction by those currently in power. If we fail to act responsibly we will lose forever our freedoms and … (2 comments)

take back america: The Plan......To Save America....... - 11/23/09 04:42 AM
Alice Linahan posted a blog that is worth researching. 
Are you fed up with those who are running Washington? 
Do  you want to be part of the solution to bring sanity back to our government?
Read Alice's blog and watch the video.
It's time America - to defend our Constitution and our way of life.
Join a grass roots effort to return our government BACK INTO THE HANDS OF WE THE PEOPLE.
Many of you know if you read my blog that I am very passionate about the political issues of our times. The Plan.....
"Today, … (3 comments)

take back america: Are You Ready America ~ To Take Your Country Back? - 11/23/09 02:01 AM
Many of us are worried, upset and fearful about the future of our great nation.  We seem the storm clouds forming and try to speak out.  Our lawmakers are ignoring us.  We are ridiculed when we assemble to protest.  We are called names and accused of being UnAmerican. Our President tells us to get out of the way and let him fix everything.  We see ourselves going down a path of destruction.  Fixing everything equates to burning our Constitution.  Might as well!   It will become an irrelevant and meaningless document. We see a country where our children and grandchildren will be … (10 comments)

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