tax revolt: Online tax revolt and march on Washington - 02/22/10 02:01 AM
Would you like to protest taxes?  Are you fed up with Washington not listening to you?  If you want a join a Tax Revolt March you can do so without ever leaving your home. Send a message today!
Do think our tax system needs an overhaul?   Join the online tax revolt.  It is a virtual march on Washington that will culminate with a live event.  Signing up easy.  Give your name and email address, pick an avatar, pick a team.  That's it!  Then you can check in anytime and see your progress on the interactive map.
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tax revolt: Join the Online March! - 02/20/10 06:12 AM

Here is a Great and easy way to show the Federal Government you are sick and tired of the out of control taxes and spending.
It does not matter if you support the Fairtax, a Flat Tax or simple want to cut down our 80,000+ page tax code.
Join the Online Tax Revolt that is open to every American who believes our Federal Government is harmful to our country and a threat to our nation's future. Join other Americans as we march online from across the country to Washington, DC and rally together on April 15!
JOIN THE MARCH and pass it!

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