trayvon martin murder: Murder In Sanford Florida - No One Has Mentioned This - 03/25/12 12:37 PM
Since the shooting of Trayvon Martin the "Stand Your ground Law" has come under extreme criticism. 
Earlier this week I wrote another blog about this before it gathered nationwide steam. There is a movement a foot to have George Zimmermans concealed gun permit revoked.
There are other voices demanding that Stand Your Ground be repealed. CBS NEWS REPORT CASTLE LAW Most states have a version of the Castle Law.  Basically it says your home is your castle. If an intruder forces you into a position in your own home where you have no place to flee, and you … (34 comments)

trayvon martin murder: Murder In Sanford Florida - Speak Up And Speak Out! - 03/21/12 11:17 PM
Have you been following the case of Trayvon Martin? This is the young black 17 year old boy who was unarmed and shot down by a self appointed neighborhood watch captain.  The community was a gated community in Sanford Florida.  The young man was visiting his father.  He walked to a local 7-11 and was coming back through the parking lot, when accosted by George Zimmerman a self appointed community watch dog.
Trayvon was armed with a cell phone, bag of Skittles and a can of soda.  Zimmerman was armed with a 9 mm.  911 recordings show the police dispatcher … (29 comments)

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