help: Watch the video, before you post it... - 10/03/08 08:23 AM
I have been watching a lot of PBS lately, because even though it has a natural liberal bias, at least they are not afraid to ask the tough questions to both parties and present most of the whole story.  I caught part of the interview that Charlie Rose did with Warren Buffett.  I noticed that he had a great viewpoint on what is happening in the economy that is requiring this bailout and how the government could recover our money and even possibly make some money.  OK, there is where his expertise ends.  Unfortunately, he goes on to say that he supports the … (0 comments)

help: Loan Modification - 08/26/08 04:30 AM
This is a message going out to everyone that decided to get into an adjustable rate mortgage, whether it was on some bad advice from a loan officer or of your own choice.  Even if you are in a 30 year fixed rate mortgage and you can't afford the payment anymore.  Here is the news, the bank does not want to foreclose on your home.  A foreclosure costs them way too much money, and they are not in the business of real estate, they are in the business of lending money. 

Therefore, my message today is talk to the lender … (0 comments)

help: When it rains, it pours... - 07/31/08 08:11 AM
So, I don't know if I should be looking for divine guidance here...or...ok, I should always be looking for divine guidance, but I could use some more advice on this particular point...Here goes:
I have a customer who is having a hard time with the amount that it is necessary for him to put down on his much so that he has told me on several occasions that he is going to just walk away from the purchase of this home.  Anyway, I found out that he is dealing with a lot of stress related to moving his location of his business, … (3 comments)

help: How's the market? What have you done lately? - 07/28/08 06:56 AM
OK, Here we go again.  We should all know the reason for the slowdown in the market by now, the sub prime mortgage market crisis.  Let's work together to see if we can work together to do something to correct the market, before we end up like the markets back east.  We need to get some positive information out there to give the people that are facing foreclosure a little hope. 
Here is the name of the website where they can get some more info is   They are an industry-led group of the largest lenders, servicers, credit counselors and investors that came together … (3 comments)

help: OK, this goes with my tagline, but maybe it's missing something. - 07/18/08 05:03 AM
I like to tell everyone that, "I'm listening".  I guess my fear is that everyone thinks that I'm listening for anything that will allow me to make money on them.  No one has ever told me this, but I am afraid that the fact that I will listen to any questions that you may have, regardless of the fact that it may or may not lead to me being able to do a loan for you or your client, is just not getting across.  I am hoping to get some feedback on what you all think of my tagline, and let … (5 comments)

help: What is the rate? - 07/17/08 05:45 AM
It is my humble opinion that the Fed Chairman has been manipulating the market this week with his words.  It is also my humble opinion that the words of my Alma Mater come into play here, Deeds, not words.  If you feel like we are headed for inflation, than act accordingly by raising the rates.  If you don't than realize that the housing market needs some strong leadership right now.  He should do whatever he can to get the rates to a point where those people that know where the rates have been over the last two years will recognize that now is the time … (0 comments)


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