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Once again was on my local t.v station.  The station would have you thinking that this tool is worthwhile and then the next sentence it says beware....Now if this is not confusing to the consumer I am not sure what is.....The media is nothing but story chasers and they can create m...
 Being sidelined with a ruptured vertabrae for 5 weeks I hit the links for 3 rounds this week!  Just like Boston real estate I was hot and cooled off....Foxborough Country Club with a 90, Beaver River in RI with an 84 and then today at the TPC in Norton I played like John Daly with a 105 from the...
By Chelsea Phua, Associated Press Writer  |  July 24, 2006 CHARLESTOWN, R.I. --Like many people soaking up the sun on Blue Shutters Town Beach on Monday, Julie Coburn was determined to spend the day at the shore, despite warnings about Portuguese men-of-war, a jellyfish-like organism with a pain...
  Tonight another local t.v. station is going to try to toot the horn of in this age of everyone knows more than the professional.I can expect a number of phone calls this week arguing that this so called expert on Channel 25 says my house is worth X!   I cannot wait to tell my clients...
Many of my peers are expecting a very flat market here in Boston.  I suspect it is due to the horrible first half of 2006.  Although many factors do play a part in the marketplace, one factor that we all need to remind ourselves is believing in our business.  For instance, time and time again I h...
To fight the glut, home sellers push their prices downBy Kimberly Blanton, Globe Staff  |  July 2006Home sellers are learning what any retailer, from Wal-Mart to the owner of the corner gas station, already knows: Low prices are one of the surest ways to beat the competition.Coldwell Banker Resid...
It cannot be easy living in Boston with the latest Big Dig heart goes out to the family who lost their loved one....
 Here in Boston, we are experiencing these fly by night offices that are allowed by our MLS to only enter the listing for a flat fee...the seller normally gets poor results and then calls on us to pick up the mess...unfortunately, I feel like many others that the MLS has created a monster that is...
 The Boston market is finally picking up today...we put 3 contracts together and saved one sale from going in the tank.   WE expect a quiet weekend but slowly but surely we will pull out of this soft market.  
 We are half way through a very tough market here in the Greater Boston area.  What many us have done to tighten our belts is to look at what truly is working for us and remove the advertising etc that is not working for us.  IN addition it is very important to partner up with a like minded profe...

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