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Google Alert for: jay mchugh A+ College Real EstateForbes - USA... "It's a real win-win situation for people who have liquid assets," says Jay McHugh, a broker/owner at RE/MAX International in Brookline, Mass. ...Recently, I have been sought out by the Globe and the Boston Herald....above you wil...
Finally, an open house that does not just draw noseee neighbors!Across the board, my agents have confirmed that the buyers are stepping out and starting to come back to the market.  Prices have adjusted accordingly compared to the interest rates and the breath of the market is quite good.For thos...
Tomorrow is our 10th year golf tourney in memory of our how time those years many friends and clients have lost loved ones...however, these tourneys keep the memory alive and the spirit of getting together and reflecting on the good times and not the sad times.Without a dou...
 Well we are very close to our make or break year.  The Fall season can make us happy through the Holiday season or frustrated beginning the Spring season.  Since the fall can be a spring board to the Spring season, one must take leads very seriously.  In addition, one must price the current inve...
 Have you ever called a high producing loan officer, too busy attorney, and full of himself Realtor and gotten no where in a day...I find that speaking to their assistant, secretary, or partner is a sure way to getting results that you want but you must plant the seed for that to happen.  Example...
I just came back from the Cape this week and boy do they have a lot of homes on the market.  I reached out to a colleague who indicated that the market is dead in the 400-2 million dollar range.  Now the Greater Boston area is experiencing an overwhelming amount of inventory.  The truth is that t...
 Finally a great client is closing today....4 sales and many promises from brokers, buyers, loan officers and many other wonder why the public does not care for Agents...needless to say I am happy this one is behind me...but what does one you win the War and loose th...
 You are ready to close Monday, now Tuesday, maybe Thursday..well it is now Friday tomorrow and it looks like Monday...well the sellers says sure it only costs us $92 per day..take your time...whenever you like...who pays we all pay since the seller remembers only the bad and not your good work.....
More and more brokers are running scared with this market.  I have never enjoyed the challenge more.  For instance, I sold one simple little house 4 times and it will finally close this week...what did I gain from it you might ask?  For starters I sharpened my skills as a negotiater.  I truly bel...

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