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    As you all know I love to share...and this little tool has been very helpful in me getting out rich content in a formal quick way.   Take a look and tell me what you like about it:   Happy to share and discuss on line or off line at   Continued suc...
      Good evening here in the East Coast: Take a moment and imagine back when you were in high school or college.  Remember when you had to take classes that were so uninteresting to you that you would drag yourself to the classroom and daydream your way through each session.  Wouldn't it have b...
Wow we are almost through February and our 2011 year is off to a great start... I love reading and sharing and here are some thoughts I have shared with my agents and peers...feel free to enjoy and share with yours....continued success... ----------------------------------------------------------...
As Realtors do we have time to help others? As many of us will say, I am too busy but next time. Folks there may not be a next time for someone....Promptings are you familiar with that term if not call me.... I have had family members receive blood in an emergency...I am never too busy to give bl...
For some today starts the school vacation week where families may head to ski country or warmer climates...For others, it is time to finish purging and getting the home ready for sale. I believe strongly that the market has bottomed out in terms of pricing...are there still tough times ahead-of ...
    Had the pleasure of speaking in front of a great group of professionals yesterday about the practice of Appreciation Marketing!   Great response and moreover how few of us do practice appreciation marketing daily.   Quickly, instead of complaining about your support end, praise them for the w...
02/18/2011 Come take a look at this great home priced to sell... Homes like these with great interest rates are surely better for young buyers who benefit from owning than from renting..... Many agents need to remind buyers that with 50% haircuts from 2005-200...
Part of our job is to reflect on what we are doing correctly and what we are not doing correctly...I spoke with a great owner yesterday and we agreed that the business has not changed all that much over 20 years; however, what has changed is the way we communicate with ourselves agents etc., and...
    To put in perspective, all agents who have survived while others have choosen to get out when the tough times came...Congrats....this great article shows what it takes to survive the ups and downs the highs and the lows... A couple of years ago Dave told me, "Jay you will work longer, harder,...
Many good articles and posts are coming out of great organizations...for those who have surved the last 3 years, you are positioned to thrive in the next few years..... One of the largest real estate franchises in the world is celebrating its 38th anniversary and a year of significant success de...

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