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For everyone who is preparing to sell their home in Boston, MA there are several things that need to be done to improve the chance of a fast sale. These range from minor things that anyone can do in a few hours, to more extensive tasks that might require assistance of outside help. Bellow you wi...
Over the years I have enjoyed coaching some of the best agents in the world at my firm. I especially enjoy watching agents grow from an individual agent into a team. When is it time to start a team? Well, I can tell you that it is NOT a good time to start a team when your business is slow. In ot...
Congrats to this great office...Strong agents plus excellent leadership with the broker owners make for a great real estate business...Continued success in 2011 to you allCongratulations to the Top 15 at RE/MAX Executive Realty! Every month we honor, with a luncheon, those realtors that are in th...
Boy we just can't shake this darn snow...the good news it should melt by Sunday...the point here folks is to keep your clients updated with a range of not just send them links and data. Speak to them as a person and watch your relationships and referrals improve. Recently, I have...
  Boy if you have survived you will many agents have gotten out of the business that this is truly the time to shine with hard work and technology in your favor....   New listing from a Orphan seller whose agent now down in Florida....
    More and more good news keeps coming out...   Share the numbers...this is the best time to buy a home in 30 years....lowest rates, voluminous inventory, and haircuts 35%-50% from top prices of 2005.....Why not scream this information in your blogs   ...
Just a quick testimonial of the events this past week.   Wednesday I knocked it out of the Park with my SOC presentation in front of my BNI group.  1 hour condensed into 10 minutes...the members thought it was the best presentation in years..Why?  They mentioned my enthusiasm, my accurate referen...
    Feedback from agents and others is that we are really moving forward in this market...   Transactions sides are up and the one who have survived will thrive in 2011.   Looking forward to seeing more post from us all and sharing great ideas on how to continue to win the battle with interlooper...
WE love to send out to our agents the Monday Morning Message...One special area is the encouragement corner...feel free to add, modify, and share....the more we share the more we care; the more we care the more we share... Make 2011 your best year in Real Estate.... ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER...   7 I...
  Here is some great information that I send out to my office...feel free to share yourself..the more we share the more we care; the more we care the more we share...have a great day today... Info On Local Schools Time and time again clients will ask me where they can go to find information about...

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