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  As many of us know, the power of a team is far stronger than the individual. By combining strengths you utilize the benefits of many and lessen the weaknesses. Too often the egos get in the way of folks who are too proud to ask for help. By doing this they are leaving money and good will on the...
Welcome to this edition of The Tuesday wake up Message...I hope everyone enjoyed the Mother's Day Weekend!  Let's start out this week taking a few minutes to examine where we are in both our personal and business lives.  Do we have a stated purpose for both?  Do we have a plan to achieve the end...
    As simple as it is Why do Folks not see what I see?   Here it is ..... when you appreciate you clearly see those that don't.   When that happens your clients leave you and you struggle to replace that client/customer.....which costs 16x more than it is to retain your clients... Glad to repor...

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