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Remembering the lost. I served as an Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) for 21 years. I was a liaison for the Army, seamlessly integrating air power into the Army's battle plans and bringing major firepower to the fight. It was a rewarding career but everything comes at a price.  ...
  Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo....I trust you had a fantastic Sat/Sun and will enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday today with lots of fun and relaxation.  I know that some days are much harder than others.  I know that some days we wish we had them back so we could either do a li...
05/29/2017 can you say that Jay?...well I just did...and everyday I come across professionals that tell me that my system is so good yet they still do not send out cards of thanks or gratitude....Today, I am stoked on sharing this more than ever before since those that have used my sys...
     Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.... I trust you had a fabulous weekend.  I certainly did with my daughter Oshyn and helping out with a Leomonad stand.  Today, I am reminded regularly that life is not about how many hours we put in or how much money we may make, but rather ...
  Stop by today at 30 Currier Farm Road from 1-3 and meet my Boss Oshyn Catherine McHugh who will be helping fight Childhood Cancer with the help of Alex's Lemonade Stand! 30 Currier Farm Road here in Westwood is where we will be located conducting our Open House!   thanks for sharing and creatin...
 Yes...I said that ...I need your help... This home is awesome and we still cannot find a buyer... But with my ActiveRain friends I am sure you can generate a buyer referral that I will pay 35%!! Thanks for viewing and sharing... Click here to view more and thanks for sharing on your social walls...
 Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo....As we continue on the journey of life this week, keep in mind all the progress you have made and the great opportunities ahead. We must learn to cut out time for ourselves to re-charge our batteries.  We must play as hard as we work.  We must...
  Despite the rain this weekend...this is a great home for a young Mom etc....   Click her to learn more We appreciate the comments and the likes.....any questions just give me a call or email..... cheers...and thanks for sharing.....     
45 Strawberry Hill Street - Most Expensive Home in Southern NorfolkThe most expensive home in Southern Norfolk County is an estate. The property is located at 45-53 Strawberry Hill Street in Dover. The property features a stable and carriage house. It’s a country estate only a mile and half to t...
    Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.....I know that some days are much harder than others.  I know that some days we wish we had them back so we could either do a little more or do things a little differently.  I know that some days we wish they would just end.  Please keep ...

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