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Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message..... Time seems to fly and August 1st is coming very soon...anyway....Many of us try so very hard to improve ourselves and change the person we are for the better. We learn more to become smarter and sharper. We exercise to become fit and ener...
Worth sharing again and I see more and more clients only Text me today....:) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Today we wanted to share with you 5 different ways that KWKLY customers are using text message marketing in their real estate businesses. We hope you see these ideas...
 Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo .....This week and every week we have the opportunity to continue our journey towards greatness.  The road will be different, but the challenges will be similar for all of us.  We must find within ourselves the determination and will to keep mov...
The internet has changed everything in real estate marketing!  Many realtors are still taking their own photos, some actually taking photos with their phones.  Some realtors still aren't taking advantage of drone photography.  Today over 90% of buyers are searching for homes themselves on variou...
  Click here to view the Replay   Many of you continued to text and call me about is the reply to anwer many of your questions....  Feel free to log onto to join or to send a Free card....This will change your business in a very good way......  
Many of our members have asked about SendOutCards on ActiveRain.  Indeed there is some confusion; but, today's Facebook Live with me and the Founder should answer many of your questions.Along with Gayle Zientek and Jim McCord you will be quite surprised of the success you can and will have by lis...
 Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I hope you found the time to take a few moments for yourself to relax and unwind.  We all seem to be going at such a fast pace that life just seems to pass by sometimes.  Let us all keep in mind the importance of our family and friends.  Let...
  Forge Hill Condos Franklin MA Report By Keller Williams Realtor Forge Hill Condos Franklin MA 02038 from Michael Mahoney   See more about Forge Hill Condos in Franklin   Search All Homes For Sale Need a Mortgage? Get My Mobile Search APP Free List of Foreclosed Homes For Sale Get the Equity Po...
 Surprises are always nice! Whether it is an unexpected gift or getting an extra carton of fries in your bag at the drive-thru window, a surprise just makes you feel better. As you go about your day, challenge yourself to spring a nice surprise on someone else. Not sure where to start? Here are s...
Great read and re read.....enjoy... When LIFE Becomes A Blog Post I am often asked how to come up with topics for blog posts. This week in the Q&A, someone asked about writer's block - it happens; we all experience this. When this happens, I pause and begin my search for motivation/ideas. How do ...

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