coldwell banker: The Monday Morning Memo September 25th 2017 - 09/25/17 04:16 AM
 Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo....Let us stay focused this week on what we must and want to accomplish. Let us not be fearful of the future or uncertain of the outcome from our decisions. We must move forward and constantly work towards what we are trying to accomplish. Take a minute today and think about this question: What one thing can you do each day this week to bring you closer to success and happiness?  The vast majority of us are reactive to life and that in and of itself is our biggest problem. We must not wait … (3 comments)

coldwell banker: Jay McHugh shares SendOutCards - 08/01/17 05:38 PM
Take a listen and watch..thanks..
Then log onto to test drive the system or go full throttle into is just that easy.....cheers...
YOU will be glad you did......

coldwell banker: The Monday Morning Memo July 17th - 07/17/17 04:19 AM

Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I hope you found the time to take a few moments for yourself to relax and unwind.  We all seem to be going at such a fast pace that life just seems to pass by sometimes.  Let us all keep in mind the importance of our family and friends.  Let us spend meaningful time with them and not just time we have to spend with them.  I think that most of us can think of a person or two we wish we could talk to today, but unfortunately we can't.  They are no longer … (2 comments)

coldwell banker: The Monday Morning Memo July 10th - 07/10/17 04:37 AM
  Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Today is a new day and the start of a new week. The past is behind us and will stay there unless we bring it into the future.  Let us focus on walking forward and bring the experience and knowledge we have learned so far with us. Let us leave the problems of the past behind us and open our eyes and hearts to all the wonderful things that await. Let us start today with a clean slate and let us all be the sculptor of our … (3 comments)

coldwell banker: The Monday Morning Memo May 1st - 05/01/17 04:50 AM

Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.....I you had a fantastic weekend and found a time to have some fun and relax.  We all know that when the going gets tough the tough get going.  We are the tough ones.  We are the ones that can handle everything that comes our way.  We are the ones that have the determination and focus to get through the storm and enjoy the sun.  Let us keep in mind what really matters and let us remember that sometimes before it gets better it gets a little harder.  Jay, live on and keep working … (3 comments)

coldwell banker: Appreciation - What is your system currently? - 01/27/16 10:32 PM

There...I said it....what many don't like to talk about because they don't have one in go build your article Jay.  
Recently, I returned from Houston after speaking to a great group of business professionals.  The excitement in the room was contagious.  Much of the same subjects came up.  How do you do it Jay?  How do you compete with Google; Zillow; Trulia etc. How do we get started.  And many others.  Now what does this all mean?  If you are not appreciating your clients; your business is doomed to be gobbled up by an on line experience in the future. … (9 comments)

coldwell banker: Crazy Busy this Season opening offices all over the Country - 12/19/14 06:59 AM
Happy Holidays.....

  Hope all is well...let me know what you LIKE about this presentation I put together for Stacey......thanks...     Click here if it easier thanks Jay          

coldwell banker: Find out why we are the fastest growing firm in New England - 11/11/14 08:22 PM

Now that the 2014 year is coming to a close, many folks will start sending out Holiday cards and other marketing materials.  Question why now?  And why do you not have a system to consistently send out cards of thanks, appreciation, birthday, anniversary, congrats etc....
Over the years, I have learned that being consistent is a skill and characteristic of the top 20%.  When I hear agents tell me that they want to get started with my system I ask them why now?  The easy answer is I have the money now and it is the right thing to … (3 comments)

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