jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: The Power of Team through Jay McHugh - 05/24/14 08:57 PM

As many of us know, the power of a team is far stronger than the individual. By combining strengths you utilize the benefits of many and lessen the weaknesses. Too often the egos get in the way of folks who are too proud to ask for help. By doing this they are leaving money and good will on the table.
Running a large real estate organization, I see how agents at times want to do all the work -- from putting up the sign, to creating the marketing, attending all the showings, filling out the paper work, etc. The … (2 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Why don't folks see what I see? - 05/10/14 06:27 AM

As simple as it is Why do Folks not see what I see?
Here it is ..... when you appreciate you clearly see those that don't.
When that happens your clients leave you and you struggle to replace that client/customer.....which costs 16x more than it is to retain your clients...
Glad to report that an additional $212,000 I have received from praciting Appreciation Marketing....
YOU can too...
Check out: https://www.sendoutcards.com/jaymchugh and test drive the system on me...
Please if you are not interested fine...I am not interested in hearing how you love writing your own cards....etc...I … (7 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Monday Morning Message - 04/14/13 10:25 PM

  Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.  This week and every week we have the opportunity to make a promise to ourselves that we will not break......Ever!  We need to promise to ourselves that regardless of what life brings our way or what challenges we face today or tomorrow we will never ever give up on our dreams.  We will never ever take the easy way instead of the right way.  We will never ever give less than everything we have.  It is time for us to realize that life really is all about what we make … (2 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Your Monday Message - 01/21/13 02:49 AM

Let's Make This The Best Week Of The Year!
Welcome all to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.  Today is a day that reminds us that people are the ones that make a difference in our world.  People, one by one, decide that a change is needed or something needs to be done and they work to make a difference.  We do not all have to be political figures or national leaders for any particular cause, but we can all make a difference in our communities.  This week continue to work on building stronger family relationships, better businesses, healthier … (0 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Are you saying Thank You enough? If not Why not? - 01/13/13 04:14 AM
Over the years I have read nearly 100 books on sales, self improvement, business and throw in a few Boston Mob books...I sponge to learn and recently my message of appreciation marketing has never been clearer....

I see folks who talk a big game fail.  I see folks implement my coaching succeed.  I see large organinzations pu pu the power of an unexpected card as meaningless.  Yet, their agent count has dropped nearly 1550 agents in five years.  Conversely, I assisted one company from 6 offices and 70 agents to the powerhouse of 17 offices … (4 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: GOOD DAY - 12/10/12 01:43 AM
GOOD DAY:   Welcome to this edition of The Monday Message .....This week and every week we have the opportunity to not let the stress of the season or the nearing of an ending year get in our way.  Yes, there may be a little more to do.  Yes, there may be not enough time in the day.  Just remember what it is all for and remember each and every day.  You have opportunities daily and you have wonderful resources you can deploy.  There are lots of people that would love to help and they will do their part if you … (1 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: What you should know about the Danger of Procrastinating ..... - 09/23/12 10:08 PM

This photo explains the reason why so many people never accomplish their dreams.  It explains why we gain weight, why we start on the road to greatness and never show up, and why really smart, ambitious, and hard working amazing people will never amount to anything. Listen up, because if you understand this concept as I explain it below, you might end up being one of the few that achieves everything you set out to in life.
First, let me explain the photo.  On the right is my red Keurig coffee machine which no longer works.  Knowing that it would take ten days to … (7 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Habits what you should know..... - 09/19/12 09:40 PM

I felt a need to share this great explanation of the most recent book we have read...Stacey and I both love to read inspirational and motivational books.  Today I woke to read her unbelievable review of this wonderful book for all professionals.  I highly recommend you practice the Power of Habits in your real estate business and your Appreciation Marketing Campaigns and win the day, month, year, and a Life that Matters....  ~  Jay
Your appearance, income, weight, social status, friendships, and career are all a combined result of one thing, your habits.  Your habits can … (6 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Encouragement Corner - 09/03/12 10:05 PM

ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER...   WORDS TO LIVE BY...   Work isn't to make money; you work to justify life. ~Marc ChagallStress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle. ~Bill PhillipsIf things go wrong, don't go with them. ~Roger BabsonWhen it is dark enough, you can see the stars. ~Ralph Waldo EmersonDefeat is not bitter unless you swallow it. ~Joe ClarkChange your thoughts and you change your world. ~Norman Vincent Peale The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. ~Jimmy JohnsonNow that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning? ~Coleman … (3 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Encouragement Corner ~ Jay McHugh - 07/15/12 10:41 PM
ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER...   Dare To Dream Let nothing hold you back fromexploring your wildest fantasies,wishes, and aspirations.Don't be afraid to dream bigand to follow your dreamswherever they may lead you.Open your eyes to their beauty;open your mind to their magic;open your heart to their possibilities.
Dare to dream.Whether they are in color or in black and white,whether they are big or small,easily attainable or almost impossible,look to your dreams,and make them become reality.Wishes and hopes are nothinguntil you take the first steptowards making them something!
Dare to dream,Because only by dreaming,will you ever discoverwho you are, what you want,and … (0 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Jay McHugh Around Town with Jane Bouvier - 06/05/12 06:11 AM

The Vow By Malcolm O. Varner
No matter how deep the sadness or wide the pain, I vow to live for a brighter day will come again.
No matter how many mistakes I’ve made in the past, I vow to live and in the future avoid them, surefooted and fast.
No matter how many tragedies beyond my control take place, I vow to live and stay my course within this race.
No matter how poor or rich I may ever be, I vow to live and aspire to search for the dignity … (1 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Happy Memorial Day - 05/27/12 11:24 PM
Happy Memorial Day ... Oshyn handing out Sox Tickets at today's Memorial Day Parade to a Service Person... Enjoy your day...   ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER...   Freedom Is Not Free By: Kelly Strong I watched the flag pass by one day.It fluttered in the breeze.A young Marine saluted it,and then he stood at ease.I looked at him in uniformSo young, so tall, so proud,He'd stand out in any crowd.I thought how many men like himHad fallen through the years.How many died on foreign soil?How many mothers' tears?How many pilots' planes shot down?How many died at sea?How many foxholes were soldiers' graves?No, freedom … (2 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Jay McHugh update - 04/22/12 11:38 PM

This great home needs some Encouragement
www.jaymchughhomes.com for more information
Let's make this the best week of the year!!!   ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER...   25 Ways to Stand Out and Be Remarkable Live Your Own LifeThere is nothing remarkable about someone who is constantly trying to be like other people. Be yourself and be the best you that you can possibly be. Be AuthenticMean the things you say and do. Authenticity is not very common these days but when it is there, it shines through your words and actions and is very powerful for creating bonds … (4 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Encouragement Corner....with Jay McHugh Happy Holy week - 04/01/12 10:53 PM
Where has the time gone..we are in Arpil already....enjoy this little story today ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER...   F A M I L Y by Julie Hebert, © 2012 We've all heard the saying,about family and of friends.We can't pick our family, but we can pick our friends.For all sayings said, how true this one is.Family can be problems, whether it's yours or is his.But family is your blood, a bond so very strong.And although emotions get in the way, family is lifelong.The thing with family is, we all think we know what's best.And we all are just as stubborn, we forget that we … (3 comments)

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Please welcome Irwin Deutsch to our office... - 03/09/12 08:50 PM

Please welcome Irwin Deutsch to our firm...
Coming back from RE/MAX convention the marketplace was a Buzz with fresh ideas, new tools, and some real good visionary products....No matter which company, association, large or small, conventions work due to the sharing and the ideas you can get in such a short time....
Look forward to sharing those ideas here on Active Rain...

jay mchugh boston real estate remax unlimited: Encouragement Corner-Happy New Year..... - 01/03/12 08:04 PM
ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER...   Let us remember a few very important rules this year.   Rule 1: You are 100% in charge and in control of your life.   Rule 2: There is opportunity around you each day if you want to see it.   Rule 3: Regardless of where you are today you can put yourself in a difference place tomorrow.   Rule 4: There is nothing more important than action.   Rule 5: Always keep the most important things the most important.   Rule 6: Make a difference each and every day.   Rule 7: We can't slow down time, … (5 comments)

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