laer real estate: Halloween Update here in Massachusetts and NH - 10/31/19 07:14 AM
New England is known for its tempermental weather, and this year has dampened Halloween for many Massachusetts and New Hampshire towns. Higher temps are dragging in wet weather this Thurday, October 31st, but there is no need to cover those cute costumes with a slicker just yet. An anticipated 1 inch of rainfall, and heavier rains coming in as the evening progresses, has many communities opting for a literal 'raincheck' on this year's Trick or Treat tradition.
I have compiled an easy list of towns in MA and NH that have postponed festivities, so check for your home town and give this list a share to help … (3 comments)

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo March 26th - 03/26/18 02:43 AM
            Welcome to this edition of  The Monday Morning Message.... We all should know that the things that we truly want will not just come to us.  Yes, for those that did not know that we really have to work to have all the things we truly want.  If we want happiness from others - we have to work on providing happiness to others.  If we want to travel and see the world - we must take steps know to make that a reality.  If we want a great big house and lots of toys - we … (1 comments)

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo December 18th - 12/18/17 07:15 AM

Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.....I trust you had a fantastic weekend filled with fun and relaxation. As many of us prepare for the upcoming holiday, let us keep in mind all of the great joys we have around us. We are all extremely lucky and blessed to have so many wonderful and caring people in our lives.  I am tremendously grateful that each and every one of you have come into my life and made me a better, stronger, and more complete person.  I often think about all of the fabulous things I have been able to accomplish … (1 comments)

laer real estate: New Listing coming very soon..... - 11/12/17 09:50 AM
Another SOC success story.....amazing how some agents just don't get it!

Super New Price Ready for Holidays


laer real estate: Dream House here in Dracut - 10/25/17 04:44 AM
Thanks for sharing ... Open this Sunday

Chief Appreciation Officer


laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo October 9th - 10/09/17 04:14 AM
 Welcome to this edition of The Monday Memo Message.... I hope you had a wonderful weekend and found the time to relax and have some fun.  I also hope that you enjoy reading these messages as much as I enjoy sending them to you.  We all need to find a little inspiration in our lives and more importantly we need to pass it on to others.  If you really want to make yourself feel better help other people feel better.  If you really want to smile and laugh make other people smile and laugh.  If you really want to be loved make … (5 comments)

laer real estate: Beautiful Day for An Open HOUSE here in Dedham! - 09/10/17 04:31 AM
Enjoy your Sunday and Stop by today........     Best Buy here in Dedham ... Call Jay 617 699 7442 

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laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo September 4th - 09/04/17 04:42 AM
Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I trust you had a fabulous Saturday and Sunday.  I am reminded regularly that life is not about how many hours we put in or how much money we may make, but rather the true difference we have on peoples lives.  We must always remember the "Why".  We must always remember every time we choose to do something we are giving up the chance to do something else.  We must always remember that time will pass regardless of what we do or want.  Let us leave the baggage of frustration, anger, sadness, hurt, loneliness, … (4 comments)

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo August 21st - 08/21/17 04:33 AM
Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I trust you had a fabulous weekend filled with fun and relaxation. This week as we continue to make each and every opportunity the very best, we need to ensure that we have the right perspective on life. It is not about what we have to do - it is about what we get to do. Let us change our mindset from I HAVE to do to I GET to do. You don't have to get up early - you get to get up early. You don't have to write 5 note cards today - you get … (2 comments)

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo August 7th - 08/07/17 08:37 AM
                  Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I trust you had an awesome weekend filled with fun.  As you work hard to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, you will no doubt face roadblocks along the way.  We all will and we all do each and every day.  How is it that you will deal with them?  My suggestion to you is:  Fight through it and get past it.  When you go to work and someone is negative or just wants to complain - Fight through it and get past it.  When … (2 comments)

laer real estate: Open Sunday here in Groton 12-2 August 6th - 08/04/17 08:07 AM
Best Buy in Groton

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laer real estate: New Listing here in Groton MA - 08/02/17 05:44 AM
Please come visit this home on Sunday or share the link with family and friends...
thank you...

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo July 31st - 07/31/17 05:06 AM

Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message..... Time seems to fly and August 1st is coming very soon...anyway....Many of us try so very hard to improve ourselves and change the person we are for the better. We learn more to become smarter and sharper. We exercise to become fit and energetic. We talk a certain way to sound more professional or to stand out.  We dress the part to look great and appear successful. We buy the things we think we want to give us joy and happiness. We surround ourselves by people we want to impress or inspire.  Now, all of … (6 comments)

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo July 24th - 07/24/17 04:09 AM

Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo .....This week and every week we have the opportunity to continue our journey towards greatness.  The road will be different, but the challenges will be similar for all of us.  We must find within ourselves the determination and will to keep moving forward.  We must take breaks along the way to gather our energy and most importantly our thoughts. We must make sure to bring as many people with us as we can. You will work hard, but always remember to love and have fun.  You will go where you choose to go if … (1 comments)

laer real estate: Jay McHugh SendOutCards Facebook Live Replay - 07/20/17 04:26 AM
Click here to view the Replay
Many of you continued to text and call me about is the reply to anwer many of your questions....  Feel free to log onto to join or to send a Free card....
This will change your business in a very good way......

laer real estate: SendOutCards questions answered today! - 07/19/17 05:39 AM
Many of our members have asked about SendOutCards on ActiveRain.  
Indeed there is some confusion; but, today's Facebook Live with me and the Founder should answer many of your questions.
Along with Gayle Zientek and Jim McCord you will be quite surprised of the success you can and will have by listening today.....
...and if not ... no worries your competition will thank you ... cheers...   Jay McHugh
Today at 1 pm MT, please join me for this week’s Relationship Marketing Weekly’s Facebook LIVE "Real Estate Edition"! I’ll be interviewing three amazing real estate professionals on how they incorporated a strategic and cost effective relationship marketing … (1 comments)

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo July 17th - 07/17/17 04:19 AM

Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I hope you found the time to take a few moments for yourself to relax and unwind.  We all seem to be going at such a fast pace that life just seems to pass by sometimes.  Let us all keep in mind the importance of our family and friends.  Let us spend meaningful time with them and not just time we have to spend with them.  I think that most of us can think of a person or two we wish we could talk to today, but unfortunately we can't.  They are no longer … (2 comments)

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo July 10th - 07/10/17 04:37 AM
  Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Today is a new day and the start of a new week. The past is behind us and will stay there unless we bring it into the future.  Let us focus on walking forward and bring the experience and knowledge we have learned so far with us. Let us leave the problems of the past behind us and open our eyes and hearts to all the wonderful things that await. Let us start today with a clean slate and let us all be the sculptor of our … (3 comments)

laer real estate: The Monday Morning Memo Jun 19th - 06/19/17 05:04 AM
   Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.....I trust you had a great Father's Day weekend.  Every year that passes, showcases how precious time really is to us all.  What we do with that time is so important.  Take those pictures; create those videos; write that journal.  Memories are an asset to one's life.  Start today by creating your own Canvas of will be glad you did.  And your loved ones will be too! ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER... I would like to send you a gift to brighten your day. My gift is an invitation to receive QuoteActions. These short email messages contain … (3 comments)

laer real estate: Someone asked me is it too late? - 02/14/17 05:15 AM

When coaching or speaking around the country about SendOutCards, I am often asked is it too late Jay to send a card after the birthday, anniversary etc.?
Or I will do it next year...Or the time is not right.
Well after spending a week in the hospital with a friend and seeing life pass in front of is never too late to reach out and say Thanks; I love you; I appreciate you ...etc....Not only to your clients but your family and friends.
Even could send a Be-lated Valentine's Day card and set their calendar so next year you get a reminder … (4 comments)

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