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Today, I inspected for a woman in California who was contracted to buy a home nearby that was in foreclosure and the selling agent questioned the inspection...since "the bank is not going to deal, they are selling as is". In this particular case, "as is" included rotted framing from cracked stone...
  The specific purposes of the energy efficiency analysis are, as follows: 1.  To identify the type, size, condition and rate of energy consumption for each major energy-using device. 2.  To recommend appropriate energy conservation, operation, and maintenance procedures. 3.  To estimate labor a...
Why should anyone use an independent energy audit company to assess the design, materials and systems in their home?  Don’t  the Heat/AC suppliers do that anyway? Well, Yes and no.  Every HVAC contractor runs energy loads on a home for the equipment they sell.  They rely on software that is suppl...
Good information from a fellow Active Rain member.As a Realtor and EcoBroker, I have been giving a lot of thought to what the role of  a Home Energy Audit should be in the process of selling a house.  Unlike a Home Inspection or a Radon Inspection, a Home Energy Audit does not affect the safety o...

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