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My blog is filled with Frisco Texas Mortgage News, Texas Real Estate Tips, and Local Events in Frisco and surrounding areas. I've even thrown in some Random Thoughts and information about myself so you get to know me better. Feel free to browse around and see why you should live in Frisco Texas.



James Shiner was kind enought to put this information together, in case you come across this latest virus.  Even if you dont have the issue now, bookmark this post if you or someone you know happen to need it. ** Thanks James **Some believe a virus called the "Conficker Worm" may wreak havoc tomo...
Its funny how certain trends seem to come back.  Do you remember the styles that were in place when you were younger?  I remember watching The Brady Bunch.  I didn't think much about their pants or hair style until I was older.  Now I look back and think their styles were silly.  But apparently t...
Officials reported last week that they found a bob cat in Frisco Texas.  It appeared the bob cat was injured on what could have been a 'claw type' trap. Sure it can be scary to know that a bob cat is in your backyard.  Remember that we are not completely in the city so there is a possibility for ...
SEO to the Top Webinar hosted by Katerina Gasset is a great class.  I am reblogging so that you can see another example of how her teachings have pushed some of us to the top of our Google Keyword Search. In February, I posted my example - My SEO Training - Which showed my SEO Results from the cl...
You may have seen this Brit for NJ before.  It was a featured post but I wanted to share it with you all anyway.  Great suggestions on helping out those even when there is not a big $$$.  Ultimately, it will pay-off in the end.  Its about networking and relationships.  Without them, your business...
Leander McClain from New Jersey provided some great tips on being smart with your money and 'choices' in general.  Thought I'd share them with you.  Feel free to go directly to his post for comments. Smart Money Tips These days, more than ever, we must be smart with the money that we have.  Here ...
Sure, we are all professionals, so I could be talking about you.  But this story is based on a professional basketball player.  Have you heard about this? Apparently, over a week ago (I just caught this story recently) a Professional Basketball Player from the Milwaukee Bucks was caught TWEETING ...
Do you have an iPhone?  If so, you need to downloan this application for ActiveRain.  I just downloaded it myself. If you are not a subscriber of Brad's (and I am sure most of you are), I highly suggest it.  Brad always provides great information and shares his thoughts on new applications availa...
I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but selling becomes really fun when you become know as an expert.  Why?  Because you don't have to sell when people come to you for advice.  Why would anyone work with a sales person when they can work with an expert? I have talked about in previously in the po...
  When we speak of HONESTY, we often are referring to those who lie and cheat and take advantage of clients.  I really think that the majority of professionals do not do these things.  Honesty is more than staying out of jail. Honesty is not promising more than what you can deliver.  How many tim...

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