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My blog is filled with Frisco Texas Mortgage News, Texas Real Estate Tips, and Local Events in Frisco and surrounding areas. I've even thrown in some Random Thoughts and information about myself so you get to know me better. Feel free to browse around and see why you should live in Frisco Texas.



Jeff Belonger shares with us today a few examples of 'Shark Advertising'.  These are companies that lure consumers with false and misleading statements. I've used one of these companies in the past and spent quite a bit of time explaining the true facts to the consumer.  ADVERTISING – Those ads t...
Anna Kruchten of Arizona "AnnaBananaRealty" reminds us to revisit our #0 Second Commercial or Elevator Speech. She provides some good tips on spicing it up a little and keeping it energized.How Memorable Is Your 30-Second Commercial? I don't know what things are like in your area of the country, ...
JL has provided some really good points about listening to your Agent when selling your home. The title is called "This is Just a Test" but the point is to not TEST the market. Decide you want to sell your home, hire a reliable, professional agent, and stick it on the market ready to sell.  The m...
Someone has been sick in this house for 2 weeks. First it started with my son. He had 'flu like symptoms' but did not have the flu. It took him a few days to recover and only missed 2 days of school. We were hoping for the same thing with my daughter when she suddenly had a fever on Wednesday Nig...
You read that correctly! For the week of 9/28 - 10/2 Strikz Entertainment is offering FREE BOWLING for lunch. Where - Strikz Entertainment  8789 Lebanon Rd  Frisco TX Date - 9/28 to 10/2 Time - 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Cost - NOTHING, ZERO, ZILTCH How can this be, you ask? First of all, you must make ...
Every day we meet people. Some are new, where as others you've known for years. Each time you meet someone, typically you greet them with a handshake. What does your handshake say about you? One of my biggest pet peeves is a weak handshake. You know the one where if feels like you are shaking han...
My new friend John Jones shares some helpful tips and links on finding out your property taxes in teh DFW area. ******* The original post has been changes. Please visit the original post for further details. ******* Checking the amount of property taxes for homes in the Dallas Fort Worth area ca...
This is a good post from Loreean Yeo and thought I would share it with you, in case you are not following her.In real estate, we call a Buyer's market when there are too many homes for sale than buyers. The news media paint the doom and gloom markets all over the country and speak very much in ge...
The last time I wrote about Bells Palsy, it was 8/14/09 which was week #8. Well, its been 13 weeks as of tomorrow morning. There is not too much to report, but I do like keeping track of any changes along the way so I continue to post. Since my last update, I have been back to the doctor to check...
Donna Harris wrote a post about the New ActiveRain picture options and requested that everyone change it back. Of course she just meant that it was taking her some adjustments to learn new faces. I have to admit I experienced the same thing. It took some getting use to, but I truly like the new l...

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