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My blog is filled with Frisco Texas Mortgage News, Texas Real Estate Tips, and Local Events in Frisco and surrounding areas. I've even thrown in some Random Thoughts and information about myself so you get to know me better. Feel free to browse around and see why you should live in Frisco Texas.



How Much Money Do You Need to Buy a Home in Texas?  First and foremost, you should not just focus on the down payment, although that's not a bad place to start. When you contact a Mortgage Consultant, they will typically walk you through a few scenarios and help you determine which type of loan i...
Should your life stop just because you're buying a home?  Truthfully, you never know what affect actions you take today will have on the mortgage you apply for. Even if you don't plan on refinancing or purchasing for another three to six months from now. Something as simple as transferring money ...
This is my first 'Foto Friday'. I've thought about sharing pictures before and thought today would be a good day. I needed a little 'Pick Me Up" today and pictures of family and friends seem to always do the trick. I'll warn you that these photos are not as good as the ones taken from Paul Hender...
  Windsor Place HOA – Fall Festival   On Saturday, October 24th, 2009, Windsor Place HOA in Frisco Texas will be hosting a Fall Festival Party. The festival will be held in the Pavilion at Newman Park, located on the corner of Angel Falls and Twin Falls. Party starts at 3 pm until 5 pm. Don’t be ...
This post was featured and has been reblogged a few times already, but I wanted to share it with you. If you have a fireplace and use them during the winter, this is a good post to read about the safety (or lack there of) of your fireplace.Fireplaces - Hidden Dangers... With old man winter just b...
Okay Texas Readers... I was going to do a post on Fright Fest at Six Flags, but our local Dallas Realtor Steve Shatsky has put one together already. Are you dressed and ready to have fun? Well, get started. Between the Texas State Fair and Fright Fest at Six Flags, you should be quite busy.Now th...
A few weeks back, I wrote about my son becoming a member of the Cowboys, as part of the Frisco Football League. They have had three games so far and they get better each week. So, why I am telling you this? Well, tonight I am sitting at the computer and putting together some music for the game t...
Working from home has its advantages. After getting the kids up, fed (sometimes chocolate chip pancakes), and out the door, I can then sit and start my day. I thought I'd share with you the mug I enjoy each day with some fresh coffee and tasty creamer.  This mug is my favorite that I drink out of...

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