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My blog is filled with Frisco Texas Mortgage News, Texas Real Estate Tips, and Local Events in Frisco and surrounding areas. I've even thrown in some Random Thoughts and information about myself so you get to know me better. Feel free to browse around and see why you should live in Frisco Texas.



You may have seen this post due to the 'FEATURE', but I wanted to share with those readers that do not follow features each day. Great information for keeping in contact with your customers. Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about communication. In my opinion, lack of good communication...
Do you read a post and spread the word by either creating your owner post or reblogging the post? Or do you read a post, do your homework to confirm the accuracy, and then create your own post? In today's AR Newsletter, a post was shared written by Lenn Harley called "Are Mortgage Loan Originatio...
My question for today... Why is it Common Sense for me, but not Common Sense to you? A recently loan I closed was delayed last week when the Underwriter noticed that the 'Lead Based Paint Addendum' was checked on the sales contract (page 7). This would make a ton of sense, except the home was bui...
Over the past two weeks, I spoke to three new clients with similar situations... their Loan Officer was not returning their calls all of a sudden. When I receive these calls, it is music to my ears. I'll be happy to pick up the where someone else dropped the ball. Not because these loans are easy...
I do not typically have this many 'ReBlogs' but have you read Deb's post for why a Homeowner should not sell a property on their own? These are some fantastic reasons that a homeowner should hire a Real Estate Professional. Homeowners usually only consider the money they are saving, but there is ...
I receive lots of questions about how I use Twitter and what the advantages/disadvantages are with having a twitter account. Jason Crouch wrote a useful tip for Twitter... Joining/Creating Conversation! Twitter is a tool to share your links, but its not a place for Your computer to talk with MY c...
As a Marketer (which you are) and a Real Estate Professional your target client should be close to home!   One of the greatest reasons a sales person does not succeed (especially in todays market) is that they try to market to the WORLD. You do not have the resources to effectively market the wor...
I have not seen this video before. Its pretty darn awesome. I'll certainly be sharing it with my kids because its powerful when broken down the way that Red Skelton does it. The video is 4 minutes long. Be sure to check it out. Thanks Wanda Kubat-NerdinMr. Skelton was an amazing comedian in his o...

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