credit report information: What You Should And Shouldn't Do During The Mortgage Process - 11/03/10 10:48 AM
Each lender and each loan program has different guidelines that must be followed. A good rule to follow (from a consumer stand point) is to not do anything that will have an adverse effect on your credit score while in the loan process. We know it can sometimes be tempting, especially when buying a new home because you are thinking about new appliances and/or furniture. This is not the best time to go shopping with your credit cards. For now, you will want to remain in a stable position until the loan closes AND funds.
When you are looking to purchase … (5 comments)

credit report information: Common Myths About Your Credit - 10/20/10 04:51 PM
In the mortgage profession, you tend to see a lot of credit reports. With each transaction, the clients credit is pulled and reviewed with them. Personally, I go line by line to ensure the reporting is accurate, even when the clients credit score is very strong.  The last thing I want to happen is to not know about an additional debt not listed or to find out that some items are reported erroneously.
When reviewing the details with clients, I find there are many questions / concerns about what is being reported. Clients grow more and more concerned, the lower the credit score. In … (14 comments)

credit report information: Why aren't you more involved with YOUR credit scores? - 01/20/09 06:30 PM

It's no secret that your credit score plays a major role in being approved or denied for a loan.  Over the past 2 weeks, I have spoken with about 6 customers that are looking to purchase or refinance due to the great mortgage rates.  In most of the cases, the customer has no clue what their credit scores are.  I tend to ask a LOT of questions to get an idea of someone's score without pulling the credit.  If you have no clue and have not purchased anything in quite some time, it makes it harder for someone like me … (11 comments)

credit report information: Credit... Your Greatest Asset - 10/07/08 12:58 PM
Credit... Your Greatest Asset

In my first post, I discussed what to look for on your credit report, such as checking for accurate data.  Starting with the basic information like you name, employment, and address.  Then moving on to your payment history to ensure the creditors are publishing the payments and there aren’t any lines of credit open that you are unaware of.

In my second post, I discussed how to Build or Rebuild Your Credit.  These techniques are basic and can help you whether you filed for Bankruptcy in the past or maybe have never had … (5 comments)

credit report information: Building Credit... Because it's Your Greatest Asset - 10/06/08 05:51 AM
Building Credit… Because it is Your Greatest Asset

Everyone has to start creating a credit record somewhere.  Those that got off on the wrong foot and have poor credit need to repair and rebuild.  Even if you’ve gone as far as to file for bankruptcy, you have the opportunity to bounce back and rebuild credit…your greatest asset.  Here are the best ways to build or rebuild a positive credit record and score:
 Pay everything on time.  This includes rent and utilities.  Even if these creditors don’t report to the credit agencies, you can give proof of your good … (5 comments)

credit report information: Credit Reports... What to look for - 10/02/08 08:30 AM
Credit Scores

If you’ve been researching real estate and mortgage possibilities, you’ve seen the term “Credit Score”.  There are three main credit reporting agencies in the US; Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian.  These are the agencies to whom your creditors report any activity on your accounts.  Your credit report shows how much you owe and to whom, as well as whether or not you make your payments in a timely manner.
Each agency in turn uses a formula to determine your overall credit rating, knows as your credit score.  Higher scores indicate better credit than a … (16 comments)

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