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If you go "on a diet", what does that mean? That you will eventually go "off the diet". If you haven't changed your eating and physical activity behaviors, what's going to happen? Rationally, you know the answer, but emotionally, you engage in wishful thinking, hoping that this time you will lose...
With all the negative talk and horror stories concerning the Option ARM I thought I would share this article that recently came out in BusinessWeek.Surprise: 'Toxic' Mortgages Are the Best
The majority of us were taught to believe that cardiovascular training was the quickest and most effective way to shed unwanted pounds. Aerobics, jogging, swimming, running and biking were the primary activities to turn to when we wanted to slim down. The idea was that when you perform low level ...
Celebrate your success every day! Be proud of what you have accomplished while continuing on your weight loss plan to a healthier, happier and more fit you! Also, be sure to tell your friends about how hard you have been working and how great you feel (if they already haven't told you how great y...
Proper preparation for a fitness program is essential in order to achieve the best results.  The following tips will not only help you when starting a new fitness program, but help you to stay consistent with it over the long term.Following is a list of general principles:•1. Prior to beginning a...
Always make sure to keep a detailed training journal. By keeping a journal of your training sessions, you will have a detailed log of your every exercise you perform along with reps, sets and how much weight you lifted. It's also great to document how you felt before, during and after your traini...
It is not recommended to lose more than 1 pound per week for healthily weight loss. The reason for this has do to with the issues which quick and drastic weight loss can have on your body's metabolism and muscle mass. When you lose a lot of weight quickly, you really need to strictly monitor wher...


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