homebuyers: How To Protect Yourself From Becoming A "Trigger Lead" - 06/26/07 02:23 AM

From the CBS News Video Web site, an interesting story for anyone who's recently applied for credit.
Credit repositories now sell the contact information of people applying for new mortgage loans to other mortgage lenders that want to compete for the business.
Called "trigger leads", an unsuspecting mortgage applicant can have his credit checked by a mortgage lender, and then discover that the credit bureaus have sold the rights to his personal information to countless other credit firms across the country.
Because trigger leads identify a person making a lending decision right now, one marketer of trigger leads calls them "the best leads in … (0 comments)

homebuyers: 6 Rules of Marketing Any Listing - 06/20/07 12:46 AM
Rule #1: Buying Brain Cells
How do we buy brain cells?
Brain cells are bought in many different ways, whether it be through uniqueness or eliciting emotion. For instance, when you see television commercials that are humorous or that arouse empathy or drama, all of the various emotions elicited by these works buy brain cells. What becomes even more important, however, is repetitiveness. After all, potential home buyers need to hear about your home in order to determine whether to buy it. Hopefully, they will do so again and again and in multiple ways.
Rule #2: Identifying The Need (Pain)
The second rule we need … (1 comments)

homebuyers: The Race for Equity - 05/23/07 10:22 PM
Those who take property ownership seriously often look for options to build equity at a faster pace. An aggressive approach is to select a 15-Year loan program over a 30-Year mortgage.
A 15-Year loan works well for homebuyers budgeting time and money, those who are possibly looking forward to a debt-free retirement, or those who plan to upgrade to a larger home within 15 years. But this requires a sincere commitment to making substantially larger monthly payments.
Provided the homeowner can afford the financial commitment of a 15-Year loan, they will pay significantly less money in interest simply because the life of the … (0 comments)

homebuyers: Buying A Primary Home - 05/22/07 12:47 AM
There are many pitfalls you can avoid when you are in the market to buy a new home. Here are just a few tips and strategies to help you prepare for success:
Know your credit score! You may be able to get a better mortgage rate and more favorable loan terms by restructuring some of your balances on credit cards, car loans, etc. The Caylor Mortgage Planning Team can help you correct errors on your credit report and determine which balances to restructure or pay off in order to improve your credit score. Know how much you can spend and determine how … (1 comments)

homebuyers: Type A vs Type B: Buyers versus Browsers - 05/21/07 01:00 AM
Type A: A tendency towards tenseness, impatience, and aggressiveness.
Type B: A tendency towards a relaxed manner, patience, and friendliness.
Both of these personality types have their merits, and both tendencies exist in all of us to some degree. But when it comes to homebuyers, Type As are the ones you want to be working with.
Kathi McLean, a real estate superstar who, with her husband, averages more than $40 million per year in volume, says their turning point was when they decided to seek one type of customer over another. "We had spent an inordinate amount of time on people who drained a … (2 comments)


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