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After a two year dormancy, the Arizona Adrenaline indoor football team is returning to the Prescott area.  The football team plays in the American Indoor Football Association.  The team will be making Tim's Toyota Center in Prescott Valley their home base. This gives the Prescott area two profess...
"With five solar facilities operating or under construction, Prescott is becoming an important hub for solar development. It is an ideal location because of its abundant sunshine, cooler weather, available land and access to the transmission system." Solar plants near Prescott include a 194-kilow...
The Palace bar in Prescott, AZ. The Palace Bar first opened in September 1877. In the late 1870's, Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp and Doc Holliday were patrons of The Palace. Virgil and his wife Allie lived in Prescott where Virgil owned a saw mill at Thumb Butte and was Town Constable. Wyatt and his ot...
Granite Mountian is composed of Prescott Granodiorite. The gray granite from Granite Mountain was a popular building stone in the early days of Prescott.  It was used to build the Yavapai County Courthouse and i mony other buildingsa arounf=d town, including Fort Whipple. At almost 10,000 acres, ...
Yes, Arizona.  It is called the battle of Picacho Pass. It happened near Picacho Peak which is located between Phoenix and Tucson.  On April 15, 1862. It was fought between a Union Calvary patrol from California and a party of Confederate Pickets from Tucson. Twelve Union Calvary troopers and one...
The anser is five (four really).  The Castilian and Burgundian flags of Spain, the Mexican Flag , the Confederate flag, and the flag of the United States have all flown over the land area that has become Arizona.   Castilian Flag of Spain Burgundian Flag of Spain  Mexican Flag Confederate Flag Am...
Mountain Club is a home subdivision of about 400 homes located 1.5 miles southwest from downtown Prescott Arizona.  Established in 1925, it is the oldest housing community in Arizona.  Mountain Club covers 800 acres of heavily forested hills and small canyons.  The area has a country feel within ...
Winter is almost here.  Winter always proves to be a challenging time for Realtors.  The influx of out-of- towners  goes down considerably.  On top of that, colder temperatures discourage people searching for homes.  So, what do we do as Realtors to keep things moving?  I am hiding in a closet ti...
Arizona is home to 40 wineries and vineyards. There are many emerging wineries within 90 minutes of the Prescott area. In fact, Wall Street Journal recently acclaimed the surrounding Prescott area as an emerging hotspot vying for Napa-like status. Prescott and the Verde Valley are home to hundred...
The answer, Prescott, AZ.  On July 4, 1888 Prescott hosted The Frontier Cowboy's Festival.  The Rodeo has continued every day since then.  It all started in 1866, a group of Prescott businessmen came up with a July Fourth "cowboy contest" that would feature the best riders from area ranches and f...

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