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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
M Y    D E N O U E M E N TI am often at a loss for words and immobilized after reading several of the fine posts here every day.  Why?  Because the accumulated wisdom from everyone overwhelms me to the point of rigor mortis.  What follows is the first AR M.O.A.B. --The Mother Of All Blogs!!  The ...
I always wanted to say that: piece de resistance.  The moment is coming.  I will either become a hero or the goat.I think I will be a little of both depending on your point of view!  My head is exploding with information and I don't know what to do... so I plan on regurgitating most of the salien...
In no particular order...things that come to mind while taking out the pups.ITEM: Did you know that valedictorians rarely become rich and famous. The average millionaire's IQ is 2.9.  Whew, glad I was not one of those folks.  I have a chance now!ITEM: If you brush your teeth twice a day you will ...
High density and world business center cities have naturally high costs of living, especially when it comes to housing.Hong Kong has been trying to find solutions for this and their idea of transitional is something that is not quite a 'house' but a place to have basic services BEFORE getting a '...
The issue here is what is real and what is not.  George Washington built his venerated house on Mt. Vernon in 1796.But, for many who do not know this: he faked a few things.  And some of what was 'counterfeited' endured for over 200 years.Examine this photograph of his house:Do you notice the sto...
We have all heard about Feng Shui by now.  It is a pseudoscience developed by the Chinese, based on natural energy and earth/star orientation to induce harmony and happiness.  Several years ago I read about Feng Shui experts directing their clients away from purchasing houses and high rise buildi...
The beautiful ochre and stone houses that dot the Italian countryside sit by themselves on acres of green fertile fields and cypress trees.  The same building techniques are used for houses in the towns and villages.  Thick stone walls hold up wood beamed roofs and ceilings.  Stucco is the favori...
Many years ago in Izmir Turkey, my Greek mother matched the son of a lowland farming family with the daughter of a mountain fruit orchard producer.  There was a great wedding and much joy.  Many people were happy and this calming gesture was the final salve on any possible political uneasiness be...
Yes, this is an early post for two reasons: something special is happening today.  And, if I don't post this early in the week Kathy and Carol can't rescue my blog from oblivion! haSo the meme above grabbed me a few days ago and thought it would be apropos today.  Hilarious, except SO true.  Hope...
While the Mediterranean Diet, as I have written, is more than just eating particular foods but includes lifestyle/climate/attitude, there are other parts of the world that lay a claim to longevity due to several other factors.In 2005 Don Buettner identified in National Geographic 5 'Blue Zones' t...

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