melvin peters team: How do you Finance a business when buying? - 08/27/14 12:56 AM
A common question. Can I finance a business with a loan of some kind? In this brief video, Melvin and Peters talk about the fact that 90% of all business sales are financed by the seller IF there is financing involved at all.                                                                                                                     … (0 comments)

melvin peters team: What to look for when selecting an agent? - 08/22/14 01:34 AM
How to pick an agent? We know that buyers and sellers alike are asking themselves all the time, how do I find a good real estate agent?  We say, interview several if you need to and go to work with the agent that you feel comfortable with that has demonstrated they have some knowledge about the town and community.  Depending on what your personal needs and goals are with a real estate investment, your need for a different type of agent may vary.  More times than not it's always a plus to work with an agent that has experience in the … (1 comments)

melvin peters team: Are Hedge Funds Still Investing in Las Vegas Real Estate? - 08/22/14 12:37 AM
The question is legitimate and the short answer is no. However, right now many others are investing in the Las Vegas area market.  It is the smaller investors and those focused on a commercial rehab opportunity.                                                                                                                                   … (3 comments)

melvin peters team: How do I pick a real estate agent to work with? What agent? What company? - 08/13/14 12:56 AM
How do I select an agent? It's a good question for both buyers and sellers and picking a real estate agent to work with can be easier than you think. Las Vegas Realtors, JC and Matt, suggest that you do several things including finding an agent that is familiar with the town.  If they've lived there for a while they may have a perspective that others agents could not possibly possess. The bottom line is to interview several and trust your gut. Work with someone you feel comfortable with that was, perhaps, referred to you. If you are looking for an … (2 comments)

melvin peters team: Do I need an agent to buy a new home? Local Realtors offers a clue! - 08/12/14 12:10 AM
(702) 900-1238 Las Vegas Real Estate Agents discuss the benefits of using a Realtor when purchasing a new home.The truth is that agents are typically tracking sales numbers in every market across the country. How this translates for the average buyer is money in their pocket... YEP, that's what I said, Money in their pocket.
     Why? Because the agents have their finger on the pulse of the market, they know when and where incentives are being offered and by which builder. It may not sound like a big deal at first glance but remember, time is money from a … (1 comments)

melvin peters team: Las Vegas Realtors Talk Flipping in Today's Market - It's Happening! - 08/05/14 12:56 AM
(702) 900-1238 What's a Flip? Is flipping a home a good strategy? Can I make money flipping? Here is some quick insight into the world of flipping a home in the Las Vegas real estate market. It actually can make good sense for both the buyer for a great value and the seller that is realistic about their property value in it's current state. This can turn out to be a win-win.  to search the entire Las Vegas MLS go here.

From a Buyer perspective, purchasing a "quality flip" may be the best thing today's buyer can do for themselves. … (1 comments)

melvin peters team: I hung up on 20 leads on Purpose! Google Phone, YIKES! - 08/04/14 08:58 AM
YEP.... That's what I did... Why:
I have been getting so many sales calls on my Cell phone lately that when it starting ringing with a recorded message prompting me to press 1 to accept the call, I just figured it was another sales call and hung up! 
Okay, darn, dang, shucks, and...much stronger language now that I realize what the heck I was doing.
You see, I'm the old dog (62) with the 32 years of experience in the real estate industry. My partner, Matt, is a 30 something stud that has a complete handle on the new technology. We … (51 comments)

melvin peters team: Southern Highlands Weekly Update from Las Vegas Realtors Matt and JC - 08/04/14 08:32 AM
(702) 900-1238 Southern Highlands continues to grow in market strength as the number of sales climb on a weekly basis. With almost 100 open escrows in the community right now, things are happening. For more information or to search for properties in this community go to: The Melvin-Peters Team - Southern Highlands search. 

Melvin and Peters are suggesting that the real estate market has stabilized a bit over this past year and Buyers are back in the market looking for nice communities in which to relocate.
Even if you are interested in a different community, the Melvin Peters team has designed … (1 comments)

melvin peters team: Las Vegas Realtors address the short sale market - Are they still a deal? - 07/31/14 11:09 PM
(702) 900-1238 Matt Peters and JC Melvin address the question as to whether the Short sale is still a "good deal".  While they still can be, that ship has sailed for the most part. The volume of short sales has slowed down and the below market purchases are all but gone says Peters. You may be better off today to search the MLS says Melvin. 

The Melvin Peters Real Estate team is committed to assisting customers and clients through the maze of the Las Vegas real estate market. It doesn't matter what you're looking for, it helps to have … (0 comments)

melvin peters team: Southern Highlands - Las Vegas Community Update with Realtor Matt Peters - 07/29/14 01:18 AM
(702) 900-1238 Southern Highlands Las Vegas is the subject for The Melvin Peters Real Estate Team. It is a hot neighborhood in the middle of a golf community with great restaurants and amenities throughout the community.  Melvin says, "it's a little known gem, that is now being discovered." Sales numbers are up in Southern Highlands and so are the prices by just a bit says Peters. For information on Southern Highlands or to search the available properties there go to: Search Southern Highlands MLS.

We post updates on Southern Highlands just about every week. Pick up the phone and give … (0 comments)

melvin peters team: Las Vegas economy is BACK says two Las Vegas Real Estate Brokers - 07/20/14 04:49 AM
(702) 900-1238 The Melvin-Peters Real Estate Team says the Las Vegas economy is on it's way back in a big way. Talking of the newly branded Linq Hotel which is part of the new High Roller Wheel project. Las Vegas real estate development is on the rise again says Melvin. This project and others like it will be putting thousands back to work in an economy that was hit hard during the financial crisis of recent years.
It is taking Las Vegas by storm.  

For information on real estate available through the Las Vegas MLS service click here.

melvin peters team: Las Vegas Business Brokers answer questions about buying a business - 07/11/14 11:09 PM
(702) 900- 1238 JC Melvin, long time business broker, answers the question, "why us a business broker"?  Melvin explains that it can be a mind field out there and it's super important for a professional to prepare a "recast" to evaluate the true net profit.
Believe it or not what's being represented is not always true. If moving from out of town to a new city it's best to have a professional that knows the area on your team as well. 

With all the things that could go wrong with the operation of a business, a new business owner does … (0 comments)

melvin peters team: Las Vegas Luxury High Rise Condos on the Las Vegas Strip - 07/09/14 12:22 AM
(702) 900-1238 The Melvin-Peters Real Estate Team with Keller Williams Realty Southwest touts the high rise market in Las Vegas along the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. There are approximately 500 units available in town says Peters and about 280 have already closed this year (first 5 months). to search the Las Vegas MLS for high rise click this link 

Peters is clear that the Las Vegas luxury condo market is on the rise again. The two suggest that some good buys are still available from the $200,000's on up into the multi-million dollar range. Turnberry Towers is located … (1 comments)

melvin peters team: Southern Highlands Las Vegas Homes Sales Spike say Las Vegas Realtors - 07/08/14 01:00 AM
(702) 900-1238 Southern Highland Homes sales spike. The first half of 2014 is closing strong for the southwest area neighborhood.  The Melvin Peters Team pay close attention to the Southern Highlands community and have their finger on the pulse of the market there. For a complete MLS search of the Southern Highlands community click here.

The Melvin-Peters Real Estate Team offers full service to those interested in the Las Vegas/Henderson communities. Simply click on the link to their website and take a look at all they have to offer. With the long, hard recovery underway and the light at the end of … (0 comments)

melvin peters team: First Time Home Buyers in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market with Melvin-Peters Team - 07/07/14 12:07 AM
(702) 900-1238 First time home buyer tips and a quick overview of exactly what takes place in the house buying process here in the Las Vegas real estate market. Melvin suggests that you work with a professional, an agent you feel comfortable with, to start your search and get pre-approved for a loan. 97% of all buyers begin their search online. Go here to search the Las Vegas MLS.

When meeting with Matt Peters he will explain that finding the right home is only a piece of the entire process. There are typically between 6,000 and 7,000 homes on the market … (0 comments)

melvin peters team: Build a custom home in Las Vegas! Building lots - 06/30/14 01:07 AM
We have a unique over 2 acre piece available for the building of a custom home or divide the property into four 1/2 acre private cul-de-sac lots. This property would be great for the small custom home builder or an owner builder looking for themselves.
This photo is from across the street, facing to the north. The property sits on the NE corner of W. Warm Springs Road and Ullom in the Southwest area of Las Vegas.
You can see the Las Vegas strip in the background of this photo. The land is fairly flat and vacant at this time. There … (0 comments)

melvin peters team: Las Vegas Strip Pool Parties and Beach Clubs by LV Realtors - 06/25/14 12:50 AM
This guys know every "pool club" on the strip & are in the Las Vegas High Rise real estate business (702) 900-1238 and . JC and Matt talk about a few of the happening spots to be this summer along the Las Vegas Strip. From Rehab at the Hardrock to Drai's to Wet Republic there are many happening places to have a daytime party in Las Vegas. The pool scene has truly made the ability to party in Las Vegas a 24 hour opportunity.  For real estate high rise info contact there guys at 

Las Vegas is certainly a … (0 comments)

melvin peters team: Las Vegas Realtors talk sales in The Southern Highlands Golf Community - 06/25/14 12:22 AM
Las Vegas Realtors (702) 900-1238 talk Southern Highlands Golf Course Community sales for the year. Values are up over 20% year over year says Matt Peters with the Melvin-Peters Real Estate Team. 
The first half of the year has yielded over 200 sales. There are very few foreclosures and short sales which makes this a very stable community says Melvin. This is a special and unique community located in the southwest area of Las Vegas. For more information on this or other golf communities call the Melvin Peters team or contact them through their website at The Melvin-Peters Real Estate Team .


melvin peters team: MARKETING With Video - Using a GREEN SCREEN with Video! - 06/17/14 12:02 AM
I was recently asked to participate in a video shoot to demonstrate how it's done... This guy, Hans Heinen, works magic with video but says anyone can do it...He explains the what and how!

Here is what I have learned about video production so far. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve wheher you the one in the video or the one producing the video. The videos need to be short (2 minutes or less) or most people won't click on them. You need to be focused on the points and not wander aimlessly in your dialog or … (3 comments)

melvin peters team: Las Vegas Business Brokers Talk - What business to buy? - 06/16/14 10:55 PM
Las Vegas Business Brokers (702) 900-1238, JC Melvin and Matt Peters talk about the process and three important keys when buying a business which include the licensing period, due diligence period and verification of all the representations.
To contact the Melvin-Peters Team go to  The Melvin-Peters Real Estate team.

 To search for businesses available in the Las Vegas area that might work for you, take the tour and send us a note or email with any questions.

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